FTC begins antitrust inquiry of Google

Saturday, June 25, 2011 

Google has confirmed that it has “received formal notification,” that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating its business practices. The acknowledgment was posted on the internet search engine company’s blog Friday. Google said it was unclear about the nature of the probe.

A broad FTC investigation would cause the company be tied up in defending itself for years, and according to Bloomberg, might well be the government’s biggest antitrust case since the Microsoft probe.

The FTC will likely launch an anti-trust investigation, as the company has been the target of many past smaller ones, according to CNN.

Mercury News reported Friday morning that the FTC review will probably focus on whether Google is using its dominance in the internet search business to promote its own products and services. Google’s rivals say Google unfairly profits from its monopoly in the search engine business by using its search services to point users of its internet search engine to its own sites and services while hiding links to its competitors.

The FCC probe is expected to determine if Google abuses it market dominance to promote moneymaking online marketing, such as its mapping, comparison shopping and travel services. According to CNN, “Google dominates search in the United States, controlling about two-thirds of the market, according to comScore. It also licenses the world’s largest smartphone operating system, and its share of U.S. display advertising revenue recently eclipsed long-time leader Yahoo.”

Google’s response is that most complaints of anticompetitive behavior come from companies who are displeased with their ranking in Google’s search engine. However, Joshua Wright, law professor at George Mason University said the FTC will be looking at possible harm to users and not complaints by Google’s competitors.

Melissa Maxman, co-chair of a Washington-based, antitrust practice group, said the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection unit will almost certainly be involved to see if Google deceives search engine users by screening search results to profit its own services. She said she would be “shocked” if the consumer protection unit was not involved.

Google Fellow Amit Singhal said in the post, “We respect the FTC’s process and will be working with them (as we have with other agencies) over the coming months to answer questions about Google and our services.” But Singhal acknowledged, “It’s still unclear exactly what the FTC’s concerns are, but we’re clear about where we stand. Since the beginning, we have been guided by the idea that, if we focus on the user, all else will follow.”

Bloomberg reported Friday: “Google has set aside $500 million for a U.S. government investigation into online pharmacy ads the company accepted that may have violated the law.”

Google’s efforts to improve privacy policies after last years’ determination that its social-networking service Google Buzz used deceptive tactics, are currently being overseen by the FTC.

Architecture Dissertation Papers

Architecture Dissertation Papers



You can learn to design your architecture dissertation papers worth as tall as Burj Khalifa and as Beautiful as Taj Mahal and it is all the matter of follow the right models and guidelines to reach to the top.

Writing architecture dissertation is not as simple as it looks like. It requires outstanding writing skills and profound research. I will tell you a proper plan to write architecture dissertation. Here are 5 simple and unique features of writing architecture dissertation that you must know before writing it.

Selection Of A Topic

First of all, you have to select a topic for your architecture dissertation. You should remember two things before you select a topic for your architecture dissertation. The topic should b of your interest and it should be general.

–Interest in Topic

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The topic should be of your interest so that you may enjoy in writing your architecture dissertation. You will not get bored and that will help you to submit your architecture dissertation on time.

–Broad Topic

Try to select a general topic for your architecture dissertation. It will help you in research. You will not get stuck and complete your architecture dissertation with ease and comfort.

Research & Study Data

After selecting the topic, start researching on it. Use different sources for research. Collect all the available data and study it. Select the necessary data that you will utilize in your architecture dissertation and ignore the ineffective data. Here are some sources from where you can collect data.

–Online libraries

–Past research papers

–Latest debates

–Newspaper and magazines


After you collect all the useful data, now start writing your architecture dissertation. First of all write the introduction in which you give the reasons that why you select this particular topic for your architecture dissertation. Talk on the sources of your research and discuss on the problems and report that you discuss further deeply. By this your introduction will be completed in a good way.

Main Body

Here you have to provide all your available theories and statement. Discuss deeply on the available theories and also provide some logics and statement to support your theories. Beside this raise all the queries that you will be answering in the conclusion.


In the last part of your architecture dissertation, you have to provide all the solutions to your queries that you raised in the main body. Also provide some theories and logics to support your solutions. If your solutions are accepted by your professor, then your 1st class is confirmed. Now write bibliography of your architecture dissertation.

This is the simplest and easiest plan to write you’re an academic paper. Besides this there are some students who are unable to submit their dissertation on time due to many reasons, then for those students online dissertation writing services.

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Mumbai officials demolish 39K shanties; 200K homeless

December 25, 2004

Officials in Mumbai, India, demolished over 6,000 shanties today in a push to eradicate the capital city’s slums. In total, 39,000 shanties have been flattened, displacing over 200,000 people, in the city’s biggest-ever demolition drive, which began in early December.

When complete, over 2 million people are expected to be displaced. After wiping out the least desirable shanties, next in line for demolition are the illegal ‘well-off’ shanties and neighborhoods, according to the legal and bureaucratic motions that have been executed toward cleaning up Mumbai’s appearance by lowering the dominance of shanties, which make up 62 percent of Mumbai’s housing.

“As far as eye can see, there are mounds of wood, tin and tarpaulin, the remains of 6,200 illegal homes, flattened by a heavy excavator running on tank-like tracks and giant motorised claws,” the Indian Express reported about today’s destruction. [1]

Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh said that citizens would see a change within six months. “Every chief minister likes to be remembered, and I’m no exception,” said Deshmukh, who despite having an empty exchequer, also announced that Rs 31,000 crore will be spent on new roads, sea links and rail lines. [2]

Feared toll of Indonesian floods, landslides up to 130; dozens missing as bridge swept away

Thursday, December 27, 2007 

Heavy rains in Indonesia yesterday triggered widespread flooding and landslides across the nation. It has emerged that last night a bridge was swept away by the swollen river it stretched across, leaving around 40 to 50 people missing in Madiun, East Java. Meanwhile, the total toll of those known or feared to be dead has reached 130.

According to local police chief Supardi in a telephone conversation with Xinhua the flood waters weakened a foundation, resulting in the collapse. At least twenty motorcyclists, car drivers and passengers are thought to be dead, but as of midnight, no bodies had been recovered. However, three bikes have been retrieved. 100 rescuers have been dispatched to the scene. Continuing heavy rain forced the search to be abandoned temporarily.

Java as a whole is the worst affected island; in addition to the bridge collapse most of the landslides occurred in two Central Java districts. Health ministry official Rustam Pakaya told reporters that at least 28,000 people have been forced to abandon their homes in central Java, although exact figures are not yet available. The Red Cross commented that 45,000 East Javanese people have been similarly displaced. Thousands are seeking shelter in mosques and other public buildings.

Landslides buried houses and made roads impassable, while hundreds police officers, military personnel, local officials and volunteers have been digging with farm tools and even their hands to search for survivors. Heavy machinery is available but the road conditions have prevented it arriving at the areas where it is required. Jakarta has dispatched aid in the form of five tonnes of biscuits and instant meals, ten tonnes of baby food and multiple boats.

Heru Aji Pratomo, head of the disaster management centre in the worst-hit district of Karanganyar has confirmed the recovery of twelve more bodies. This brings the total confirmed death toll in the area to 48. He said that most bodies were recovered from three metre deep mud and required heavy digging machinery to retrieve. 28 remain missing.

Local resident Siswo told AFP “Suddenly I felt my house shaking, and I thought it was an earthquake. When I got outside, I saw that the houses next to mine were already covered by earth,” and that it struck twelve neighbouring houses.

In the next district, Wonogiri, disaster management centre head Sri Mubadi told reporters they had retrieved two more bodies, reaching a total of six, with eleven more missing. He also confirmed that they currently have no access to heavy equipment.

In Tawangmangu about 1,000 rescuers were also searching for bodies and survivors without the aid of heavy machinery. Three more bodies were retrieved today.

Islamic cleric Abu Bakar Bashir toured a Karanganyar village, at which time he commented that he felt the disaster had been caused as a form of divine revenge, saying “This was likely caused by immoral acts going on here,” and “This could be a lesson to be learned.” The 69-year-old served two years after being linked to the 2002 Bali bombings, before having his conviction overturned last year.

Chalid Muhammad, director of Walhi, an Indonesian environmental group, had a different opinion. “For five consecutive years landslides and floods have occurred in Java, claiming many lives. The main trigger is ecological destruction caused by deforestation, forest conversions and chaotic spatial planning,” Chalid told Reuters.

“There have been no adequate efforts by the government to protect the people from disasters. When the landslides happened officials were on holiday and there was no access of heavy equipment to the affected areas.”

Expert Seo Consultant Tips For Boosting Your Website

Submitted by: Ema Sis

Online advertising is the process of enhancing the visibility of an online site or perhaps a web site from the natural or else un-paid search results. It can assist the search engines find and rank their internet site above the other webpages thus helping to obtain ranking by way of web sites. SEO may be the procedure intended for optimising the web site in a cost-effective and constructive means in order to produce a reliable presence on major search engines.

The SEO service must offer extra visibility for the search results, since a business could be the which will grow through shoppers doing speedier searches and thereby uncovering your internet site. SEO services give each consumers amongst world class service with correspondence to cutting edge tools between premium, reliability as well as consistency. The key area of service with the SEO services could have been to assist the web page in today s topmost search engines plus to boost the seo, placement, plus ranking and add the results. Examples of the inexpensive facilities accessible might be search engine marketing in addition to placement policy who include link building campaign, local SEO, ongoing search results updates, month-to-month reports and analysis to increase the ranking and then the rankings inside the most important search engines.

YouTube Preview Image

A superior SEO website constraint also have the capability of accommodating and with your image, videos, text and other applications in making it catching. The SEO website should also has an easy direction-finding of a products that can with no trouble reach to the purchasers and keep up them decide on the merchandise of their own purchase. The top features of an outstanding SEO website not only include the look of the web site and also include the implementation of proper codes in addition to helpful excellent writing for the web site.

SEO expert or else SEO consultant is a person with deep knowledge about search engine and have absolutely allow you to deliver the website in highest position at making use of several actions plus as a result gathering progressive sale. Vastly professional SEO consultants has every the required exposures to promote the manufacturing by various social platforms. A true SEO specialist requires many of the convenience and usability issues into account whether recommending on-page changes. The expert SEO service can help the web consumers to look for their valued clientele sites. An expert SEO ensures your traffic of the web site on the very first page within the search engine and then the ensures that significance of the content is maintained dependent on the category.

The SEO consultant makes the website equally advantageous not just for search engines but also meant for user as well. A dedicated SEO consultant surprises you through the fee issue. Affordability will be fundamental point while doing business with a SEO consultant. The ultimate target of a dedicated SEO continues to be to make an extra web page satisfying every commercial points. A dedicated SEO consultant spends each and every period in understanding your company and then targets the audience meant for enlarged means. The highly motivated SEO consultants are committed within accomplishing high levels of customer satisfaction by insuring the quality, cost effective in addition to timely solutions. Your SEO consultants drive ranking to the website through a number of well-known, advanced website optimization as well as internet marketing techniques.

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New York Times to start charging for access to web news

Friday, March 18, 2011 

The New York Times announced on Thursday that it will start charging for full access to NYTimes.com, its online version. Beginning March 28, U.S. visitors who do not subscribe to the print edition will be allowed access to 20 articles a month. A digital subscription to the website will be required to read additional content.

The fee plan for Canadians is already in effect, allowing the NYT to “fine-tune the customer experience”, according to the announcement.

Unlimited access to articles will continue to be free for those users reaching the Times through links from search engines, blogs, and social media like Facebook and Twitter. The NYTimes.com home page and individual section front pages will continue be freely accessible.

The NYT unsuccessfully tried a pay wall six years ago. Due to declining profits and readership of its print edition, it is ready to try again.

According to comScore, a marketing research company that measures online traffic, NYTimes.com had 31.4 million individual visitors in February. It is the most-read newspaper site in the world, reported The Guardian.

“The challenge now is to put a price on our work without walling ourselves off from the global network, to make sure we continue to engage with the widest possible audience”, wrote Arthur Sulzberger Jr., NYT company chairman.

How Bankruptcy Helps With Credit Card Harassment?

How Bankruptcy Helps With Credit Card Harassment?



Your current credit card bills are usually dismissed by using a bankruptcy, provided that there’s no cheat associated. An individual could be released of total credit card debt through Chapter 7 or even for a part with the credit card debt using Chapter 13. Notice earlier blogs to learn what bankruptcy an individual qualified.

Education loans will be non dischargeable, typically. To release student loan responsibility by means of bankruptcy you need to record the complaint seeking that a government-owned student loans be cleared pursuant with Bankruptcy Code Section 523(a)(8). The standards to the Court to discover the education loan obligation dismissed was established in the case Brunner v. New York State Higher Education Services Corp. in 1987. It signifies you should match the a test called Brunner Test and then the court will be to look at:

Your existing amount of revenue and also expenditures, and find out whether it is possible to sustain a nominal lifestyle to aid you along with your household in case you are essential to pay back your lending options

YouTube Preview Image

No matter if you can find further situations indicating your existing financial problem probably will proceed to get a considerable percentage of your payment period

Whether or not you get an effective faith effort to pay off your lending options

The Bruner Test is definitely a great standard and also generally, until you look after or are susceptible to any incapability that may proceed to your life-time, which inhibits you for gaining enough revenue to help with you and your households as well as made a excellent initiative efforts to pay back your lending options, you may be not able to eliminate the student loan debts by using a bankruptcy.

Testimony from the Congress proceedings during 1998 designed excessive adversity statements to be regarded as in light with the use of different choices to raise the value of education loan debt, as well as forbearance, deferment, termination and also expanded, graduated, income-sensitive and income-contingent refund alternatives.

There are many choices to contemplate with your student education loans. One like choice is from the US Department of Education, William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program, offers different settlement selections for education loan consumers. One of those will be the Income Contingent Repayment (ICR) Program. Primarily, after a education loan consumer is on an ICR plan, monthly premiums are generally computed on such basis as altered revenues, number of family members, and also full level of Direct Loan debts. This could offer education loan consumers the pliability and also a little space they want within the difficult times. The ideal payment period within an ICR approach will be twenty-five years. Primary Mortgage loan offers a helpful finance calculator for approximating ICR approach installments.

If one makes repayments according the ICR policy for 25 years, and then there remain portions remained owing, all those past due sums are usually excused. Certainly, there could be taxation effects because of this particular forgiveness.

To know more about your credit card debt and student loan processing, consult a

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. The attorney may give you clear details about chapter 7 bankruptcy and

chapter 13 bankruptcy


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