Facial Rejuvenation: Skin Graft On Face And Deep Plane Facelift

Understanding Skin Graft on Face and Deep Plane Facelift

The face, being the most visible part of the body, is often a critical area of focus in the field of plastic surgery. Two common procedures in this field include the skin graft on the face and the deep plane facelift manhattan.

What is a Skin Graft?

A skin graft is a surgical procedure where a piece of healthy skin is transplanted onto an area of the body that has been affected by trauma, disease, or surgery. The graft is usually taken from a different part of the patient’s body, though in some cases it may be derived from a donor. This surgery is often used to treat conditions that damage the skin extensively, such as severe burns, skin cancer, significant wounds or bed sores.

Understanding Skin Graft on Face

A skin graft on the face is performed to restore both the function and the aesthetic appeal of the face. This procedure can help victims of accidents or burns regain their facial appearance and improve their quality of life. It’s also used to repair surgical defects after cancer removal procedures. Experienced surgeons will aim to match the grafted skin to the patient’s facial skin as closely as possible in texture, color and thickness to ensure a natural appearance.

What is a Deep Plane Facelift?

A deep plane facelift is an advanced surgical procedure that targets the deeper layers of facial tissues. Unlike traditional facelifts, which only address the superficial skin layers, a deep plane facelift goes further to reposition the underlying muscular and connective tissues, providing a more comprehensive and long-lasting rejuvenation.

Deep Plane Facelift in Manhattan

Top plastic surgeons in deep plane facelift manhattan offer this innovative solution to combat the signs of aging. It can profoundly improve drooping cheeks, jowls, and neck sagging, by providing a more youthful and revitalized appearance. As the changes are made at a deeper level, the results are more natural and long-lasting than those of traditional facelifts.

Choosing the Right Procedure

The decision between a skin graft on the face and a deep plane facelift depends on the individual’s circumstances, goals, and medical history. Generally, skin grafts are used for repair after injury or removal of dangerous skin conditions, while deep plane facelifts are used for cosmetic rejuvenation. Consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon is the best way to determine the right procedure for you.


Facial plastic surgery procedures have evolved dramatically over the past few decades, increasing the options and outcomes for patients. Whether it’s a skin graft on the face to restore damaged skin or a deep plane facelift for rejuvenation, the advancements in these surgical procedures have made it possible for individuals to regain their facial aesthetics and confidence. Always remember to choose a certified and experienced plastic surgeon to ensure optimal results and safety in your surgical journey.

Rhinoplasty In India Brought By Indian Physician

Rhinoplasty in India brought by Indian physician



We are all acquainted with the fact that nose is one of the indispensible sense organs of the body. A beautiful nose may change the outer appearance of the face. Situated right at the centre of the face it is the one of the chief respiratory organs as well. The shape and size of the nose may vary from person to person. Some have sharp nose while some have curved ones. There are several people around the world who are particularly unhappy regarding the shape of the nose. Changing the shape of this organ is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. This can also be termed as nose job or Rhinoplasty. You first need to consider whether you are going for medical surgery or cosmetic surgery.

In the first case, the operation becomes very necessary. If you have suffered any nasal injuries due to any accident, the doctor may advice for the surgery. But as far as the second option is concerned, the person has got various alternatives. But before you decide to change the shape of the nose, there are a few vital aspects, one should watch out for. Most of the people are not aware about the fact that Rhinoplasty originally took its birth in India itself. The historical records show that


Rhinoplasty in India

was brought by the Indian ayurvedic physician Sushruta around 800 B.C. He has described about the reconstruction of the nose in his book Sushruta Samhita. Thereafter, the Roman encyclopaedist Aulus Cornelius Celsus published eight volumes of De Medicina in which he gave the details about the surgical techniques for correction of nose.

Slowly, there were modifications and transformations in this treatment until it become highly advanced. The

Rhinoplasty in Kolkata

is conducted at all the major hospitals of the city under keen medical supervision. During the surgical process, the surgeon mainly focuses on shaping the new skeleton for the nose. This is done according to the shape of the skin and nasal mucosa. The newly constructed nose is now given the strength by imparting an external dressing. Even the humps which appear on the nose can be extracted. Furthermore, if the size of the nose is small, the surgeon goes for a secondary intervention. The outcome of the surgery can be viewed within a week or two. However, the complete result is observable only after six to eight weeks.

The surgery of nose causes minimal pain and can be treated with the help of painkillers. Initially, there will be some swelling but it will disappear with the span of time. The surgeons performing the Rhinoplasty in India are highly qualified and experienced. For conducting the proper surgery of the nose a surgeon must understand the structural anatomy of the nose. It basically comprise of seven parts which include the nasal soft tissues, the aesthetic subdivisions and sections, the blood supply channels, the nasal lymphatic system, the facial nerves and bones and the nasal cartilages. When you are going for the Rhinoplasty in Kolkata have a detailed discussion with your surgeon. The cost of nose surgery in India is budget friendly as compared with the western countries of the world.

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Hair Transplant in India

. He is writing articles, blogs and other news previews based on

Breast Surgery in Kolkata

, cosmetic surgery, hair transplant in Kolkata and other surgeries as well.

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Best Contact Lenses A Review Of The Leading Contact Lenses For This Year

By Oliver Turner

Want to buy new contact lenses? Here we provide you with a review so that you can compare the price and quality of top branded contact lenses including disposable, dailywear and colored.

Focus Dailies: Focus dailies are very small, thin & light and comfortable to wear. You will not feel any edge; as cut by laser cutting process.

Good points of focus dailies:

a. Daily disposable use is amazingly hassle-free.

b. Light and comfortable for eyes.

c. Smooth rounded edge

Bad points of focus dailies:

a. Costs more than fortnightly or monthly lenses.


b. Feel tight on the eye. after a full days wear.

c. Can be difficult to remove due to this tightness.

d. Can’t sleep in them.

Ciba vision optix: They offer high breathability at lower rates. You can wear them for more than ten hours per day without any irritating.

Good points of Ciba vision optix:

a. Highly breathable.

b. Comfortable and durable.

Negative aspects of Ciba vision optix:

a. They are expensive.

b. Can not sleep wearing them.

Fresh Look Colorblends: They are the cheapest Color Lenses available in the web. Lot of color variation is available to choose from. Crazy Color contact lenses are also available to give Halloween effects.

1DAY ACUVUE: If you are among them who replace their contact lens per day, nothing to disappoint, you too have something new. 1 DAY ACUVUE offer you most convenient and healthiest way to wear contact lenses. No lens case, No solutions and no need of maintenance. Just use and throw. Wear a new contact lens every day and feel your self fresh from dawn to dusk. 100% satisfaction guarantee provided by ACUVUE is signature of their proficiency.

Some unmatchable properties of 1 DAY ACUVUE:

a) Provides freedom for sports or active lifestyles.

b) No lens care, cases or messy solutions required.

c) Protects you from ultra violet radiations.

d) Perfect for allergy sufferers.

e) Great for occasional uses.

With the help of available reviews you can buy the best contact lens suitable for you.

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Ayurveda Terms, History And Treatments}

Ayurveda Terms, history And treatments


Vipul SharmaAYURVEDA Ayurveda is not a new method of treatment but it is one of the oldest methods of medical science. The history of Ayurveda goes way back to 5000 years.

All throughout the process of genesis, the science of dealing with diseases and other things that deter the growth processes, has flourished in a great way. Be it the early Egyptian techniques of preserving the dead body by mummifying them, or the practice in question, AYURVEDIC techniques have always been an immensely popular knowledge. Although today we know a lot about this ancient medical practice, there are some schools of thoughts that believe it to be an obsolete and mystical practice. To increase the knowledge base and public assertion for the subject it is important to know in detail about the basic tenants and principles of the subject.

Ayurveda; the term

The term Ayurveda is a very commonly used term and has direct links with the Devanagari script. The word of the Sanskrit origin and just like the language is considered as one of the oldest and univocally, the mother of all archaic and contemporary medical practices. The literal meaning of the word is the knowledge of the way to a long life. This comes from the two word roots, ayur and ved meaning long life and knowledge respectively. There are various evidences in history that show that this ancient practice all started from the land of the Aryan rulers, India.


Ancient history of the practice

As mentioned earlier, the earliest examples of ayurvedic practices can be rightly ascertained to India. There are several ancient scriptures and religious manuscripts full of detailed description of the various ayurvedic practices. Most of these literary records were written over a long period of time starting as early as the Vedic period in about second millennium BCE. Out of all the Vedas, the Atharva Veda gets a special mention as the fore-bearer of all the ancient ayurvedic theories and principles. Like all other writings in the Vedas, the entire concept of Ayurveda comes from 114 hymns that are written in the Atharva Veda. Later, over the years when more and more study and research in the field started, ancient saints and philosophers like Sushruta and Charaka became intensely involved and compiled huge volumes in the forms of Samhitas defining and redefining all the ayurvedic techniques. The volume that Maharishi Sushruta compiled came to be known as the Sushruta Samhita and is now considered as the ultimate encyclopedia for all ayurvedic practioners. Because of its intimate connections with the Indian mythology and particularly the Hindu religion, some say that the technique in itself is divine and is a gift of god to the human kind. The person thought responsible for bringing this on the Earth was Dhanvantari, who was also regarded as the first doctor. Although the practice started from the ashrams of the Indian peninsula, soon this practice travelled far and wide and became an active part of all western medicines. It was the Chinese travelers and scholars like Fa Hsein who visited the courts of eminent Indian rulers and took written notes of the ways of living in these empires. Although still in its novice stages, the techniques of Rhinoplasty, cataract operation, angina pectoris, curing anal fistulas etc. were well known to the saints and doctors. These practices were so accurate for that period that the British doctors and medical practitioners even wrote a detailed description of Rhinoplasty and published in the Gentlemans magazine.

What are the basic principles used in the practice?

Now that we have an idea about what and when did it all start, it is ideal to talk about the basic functional part of the science. While most the new world holds ayurveda to be a mythical and literally magical, it has a very scientific and systematic approach to all goes within it. Ayurveda is basically the science of curing the anomalies of the body by striking a cordial balance and harmony between the body elements. The ancient scholars took the body to be composed of elements or tatvas. These were the same as the ones that constituted all other beings and objects on this planet, air, water, wind, fire and Earth. Unlike the modern practices, ayurveda classified seven elements in the body, the sapta dhatu and three humors or energy fields namely, Vata, Pitta and Kaph. These represent the five quintessential elements. For example, Vata is for wind, Pitta demarcates fire, water, and the last one, Kaph for water and earth. According to the principles of Ayurveda, a body remains in the normal working condition as long as these three humors are in a balanced form. There are elaborate descriptions as to what is the right proportion of these in the Vedas and the two Samhitas. Any discrepancy here is called a Dosh and is the root cause of all medical ailments right from common cold to more complex ones like cancer. The science behind Ayurveda tells how maintain a balance between the three and cure a disease accordingly. Unlike modern allopathic medicine, the things used to treat the person in ayurveda are purely natural. The mountains and forests of India and the neighboring countries are full of these medicinal plants. Not only herbs, plant and animal parts like roots, buds, essential oils, cow urine etc. all find extensive use in this practice. It can be safely said that it was after studying the chemical properties in the plant and animal drugs that the synthetic drugs of today were formulated. For example, morphine, which is used as a painkiller in almost all parts of the world, is actually a plant product that finds mention the Vedas as a tool to suffice pain during and after an operation.

Sub-disciplines within the study

Like all other modern practices that have a separate branch of specialization for different genres of work, the concept of ayurveda also entails this kind of classification and there are mainly eight branched within the science. Although the practice evolved from a time when it was a trend to pass on the knowledge orally and not in a well differentiated manner, the Samhitas and the several other religious literature books show a great level of organization. Under these eight broad headings there are numerous other areas of specialization and this level of demarcation and differentiation makes the science one of the most organized and systematic ones. Given below are the sub disciplines with a brief description of each. Kayachikitsa: – it is now called Internal Medicine and is just like the modern practices, including anatomical studies of the body and organs. Shalakya tantra: – it is the study of the surgical processes and the treatment of the head and neck region that is known as Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology respectively today. It basically deals with ENT. Shalya tantra: – it the knowledge of the process of cutting the body to cure internal dysfunctions. Sushruta was a well known surgeon in this field and the Samhita gives detailed descriptions of the surgical processes to cure several diseases. Agada tantra: – it is now known as toxicology and is the study of the effects of toxins on the body. Snake bites, food poisoning etc. come under this. Bhuta Vidya (Psychiatry) – as the name itself suggests, it deals with the disorders of the brain and how to treat mental disorders. Kaumarabhritya: – it is the study of child behavior and diseases infecting children. In the modern practices, this is called Pediatrics and is a very important part of the science. Rasayana: – it is the science of rejuvenation and the ways to encourage and initiate the process of anti-aging. Chemical drugs or plant products are studied to exploit their medicinal properties. Vajikarana: – modern day Gynecology is what this branch of Vajikarana is all about. It deals with the male and female reproductive systems, disorders and sexual behavior. In short, it is the science of fertility.

Along with all these techniques of treating the ailing body or mind, ayurveda also has close links with studies like astrology (jyotish vidya), yoga, study of the medicinal properties of herbs and other plant parts etc. In around 1500 BC, there were two further more divisions or rather specializations made in the discipline. These were the School of medicine (physician) led by the eminent sage, Atreya and the second was the school of surgery piloted by the famous curator, Sushruta. These two disciplines were the corner stones for the two great medicinal epic, The Charaka and Sushruta Samhita.

Diagnostic and prognostic methods used in ayurveda

As mentioned earlier, the basic principle behind all ayurvedic practices is to maintain a balance between the three humors of the body. This is carried forward in the diagnostic methods and often starts with checking the pulse of the patient, a process called Naadi vishleshan. This step in itself says a lot about the kind of disease and the misbalance of the humors. Next is the study of certain crucial points in the body called the Marma. These are located all over the body and pressing the particular point excites the corresponding visceral organ in the body. There are in fact, 15 to 20 techniques of examining the patient with detailed description in the Charaka Samhita. Just like modern anatomical studies, a detailed knowledge about the body construction and performance of the organs is vital for a good ayurvedic doctor.

The range of treatments include the use of plant related products like turmeric, cinnamon, neem etc. and animal products like cows urine, milk and many more. Certain elements and minerals like gold, silver, copper etc. are known to have medicinal properties and find their way into a branch of Ayurveda called Rasa shashtra. Not only oral administration of medicines, ayurvedic scriptures mention procedures like massages, yoga, meditation, controlled dietary habits etc. as an important part of the whole prognostic process. Due to its close relation to these allied branches like yoga and healthy living techniques, Ayurveda is also called the Wholeness medicine.

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Herbal treatment for sexual weakness, obesity, hair fall, skin problems, joint problems and all other problems

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Manipulating Your Nose With Rhinoplasty

Manipulating Your Nose With Rhinoplasty



Rhinoplasty is a very popular option in terms of cosmetic procedures. Though there are many situations in which this procedure can improve breathing and reducing snoring, it is more commonly done to improve the overall look and structure of the nose itself. If you look in the mirror and wonder where you got such a large or oddly shaped nose, chances are good you can blame genetics. However, you do not have to stick with it. You can often change any and all of the aspects you do not like to make it more natural looking and a better fit for your face.

Find a Specialist

If you plan to have rhinoplasty, it is critical to find a professional to do the work for you. Though some doctors that offer general cosmetic surgery do this procedure, it is often best to turn to a professional that specializes in nose jobs. The benefit here is the increased amount of specialization, technology and more enhanced skill level that these doctors have. You\’ll get the latest treatment and you will feel more at ease with a doctor that has a proven set of skills for the job.


What Can Be Fixed?

The good news is that your doctor can fix virtually every concern you have regarding your nose. This includes the overall structure as well as the size. If you have a bump or a lump on the bridge, this can often be filed down so that it looks more flat. If your bridge is too thin or too thick, this can also be fixed. In some cases, people do not like the size of their nostrils. They may not like the shape of the tip of their nose. These are all things that can often be changed with this procedure.

Get a Consultation

No matter what you think of this procedure or what you are worried about, it is a good idea to talk to a plastic surgeon about it in person. He or she can offer you advice and guidance about the options available to you. You can see before and after pictures too, which can help you to better understand what you can actually expect as a final result. Take a few minutes to consider the options. Is this right for you?

Talking to a doctor is the first step in making a decision about rhinoplasty. The procedure can be invasive, but the surgery is often safe for healthy people. If you have dreaded looking in the mirror or seeing your profile before, now is a good time to change that. You will be impressed with the look of it and your future.

To find

rhinoplasty san francisco ca

residents can count on for exceptional results, a thorough search is advisable. Interested parties should investigate all of the area practitioners performing this procedure with a visit to



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How Menopause Can Impact Your Relationship

By Kathryn Whittaker

Women tend to experience menopause between the ages of 45 and 55. The female body, no longer needing to maintain the reproductive system shuts it down. For some fortunate women the process is gradual – but for most it is akin to slamming a book shut. The body diminishes the production of progesterone and estrogen.

Some of you reading this may be wondering how this has anything to do with relationships. The reality of the situation is that women experiencing menopause can be subjected to a wide variety of troubling symptoms including: insomnia, loss of libido, changes in appetite, weight gain, depression, anger, mood swings, and hot flashes.

In terms of relationships it is not difficult to understand that some, if not all of these symptoms, can be detrimental to a healthy relationship. One minute you may be feeling fine and the next you might experience a bout of anger. While it is impossible to fashion a menopause-proof vest, your significant other will most likely have to deal with your fluctuating emotional state. True, he or she should be understanding, but dealing with mood swings can be difficult. Many women report not feeling like themselves. This can be difficult for your partner to deal with so it is important for there to be consideration on both sides.


In addition, many women go through a period of feeling undesirable, experiencing vaginal dryness, and a lack of sexual libido. This is normal but can also be difficult to deal with. The quality of a couple’s sexual relationship can be threatened.

There are a few ways to cope with the situation. An option is to see a mental health professional such as a counselor. You can either go alone or with your significant other. There are even some group therapy sessions that might be particularly helpful. The most important thing is that you get the help you need.

If you are having difficulty communicating out loud what you are going through with your partner you might want to try writing down what you are feeling. Since there are emotional side effects during menopause, simply writing down what you are feeling can be of tremendous benefit to both you and your partner.

Remember, getting through this tough time should not fall squarely on your shoulders. If you clearly explain what you are going through to your partner you should expect a demonstration of understanding.

If you are the significant other of a woman going through menopause and reading this know that you can help the situation by suggesting new ideas to take your relationship forward – sexually and otherwise. Maintaining a relationship through menopause can be a challenge. It takes dedication, love, support, trust, and honesty to allow the relationship to survive.

Menopause is a condition that all women must experience. The real decision you have to make is whether you are going to let the symptoms of menopause significantly change your life or are you going to work around them. Trust your partner to support you, and together, there is nothing the both of you can not do.

About the Author: Kathryn Whittaker has an interest in Menopause. For further information on Menopause please visit







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Thinking Of Moving To France

Submitted by: Ron Joh

If a person is looking into relocating and considering going across the map the job may seem too large of a task. It doesn’t have to seem impossible though, because with some simple choices moving to France can be made painless and stress free. The first thing a person will want to do is make contact with a quality moving company that can help them make some of the more difficult tasks simpler. If this is unfamiliar territory for someone, here are a couple of pointers to get them started in the right direction.

Decide On A Moving Company


When a person has decided on moving to France it can lighten the burden of decision making if they decide to use a professional moving company. If a person hasn’t already used one in the past, they will be pleasantly delighted with all the different ways a quality service can help ease them into this new transition. Moving to France will become painless the minute a quality moving company is brought on board. This means a company that offers a variety of services, different rate plans, is international, and has been doing this for some time.

Now where might a person find such a company? That’s easy. The first place is to try different online searches. Scroll through all the sites carefully to see what is offered and what may be the best choices to select from. After discovering a few choices, read up on some of their customer reviews to make an informed selection. After this make sure to call some of the companies that really stand out and go over some of the precise details of the particular move with them. This will help them to be able to finalize rate quotes and give an idea of what their booking schedule may look like.

What If Moving To France Means Crossing An Ocean?

Don’t sweat it. When a professional company is helping with the services there’s nothing they won’t be able to do. Getting all those collectibles, or heirlooms passed down from grandma with safely to a new home is just one of the things they’ll be confident at. They will also be able to help a person arrange to have surplus items put into storage for use at a later date, help with packing materials, and offer different advice to get a person through a life changing move.

Having these services within one company can really take a lot of weight off of someone’s shoulders when a big move is just around the corner. Going to a new country for a vacation can end up being stressful, moving to France to stay can be even more so. That’s why having some people on board that can help with every step of the process is the best decision a person making this kind of change can make. Make sure to plan ahead for these needs. It will make the move smoother, and settling into a new home and country all the more fun and enjoyable.

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Can I Get Money For Donating My Body To Science?

By Madeline Binder

Today people are looking into every option that they have to make a little extra money. One of the questions that many people have asked is, “can I get money for donating my body to science?” The answer to this question is usually going to be no.

Donating a Body to Science

When you donate a body to science you are usually doing so as a philanthropic gift. The body is used by various organizations to harvest and study specific body parts. These body parts can be tissues, organs or cells. They are used to advance medical knowledge of the tissues or organs, as well as to help develop cures and treatments for specific diseases and disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetes and cancers.

How to Donate a Body to Science

The process of donating a body to science is very simple, at least from your end. To start with you will need to determine how much of your body you want to donate. You can select to donate specific tissues or organs to science, or you can donate your entire body. Next you will want to contact the American Association of Tissue Banks to find tissue banks and other research facilities that are accredited. These are the institutions that have standards in place that relate to the ethical recovery of human tissues and organs and that also have standards in place that govern how the tissues are handled and managed once they are harvested.


Each medical research institution is going to have its own rules for donation. Usually, however, it will just involve filling out some forms, answering questions about your medical history and talking with an intake specialist who will answer your questions and process your paperwork.

Tissue Donation

You are in charge of how much of your body is donated to science. If you want to help medical science find cures and treatments for diseases then you can donate specific tissues to a tissue bank. You can talk to the organization that you will be donating your tissues to about what donation options you have.

Organ Donation

Organ donation can be handled in two different ways. First of all you can volunteer to donate your organs for transplant purposes in the event of your death. This is very simple to do as it only involves checking a box on your drivers license. The second option is to donate your organs to science for research. This process will involve working with an organ or tissue bank, or with a specific research institution. It will involve paperwork and an intake interview, both of which will only take a few moments of your time.

Whole Body Donation

If you are interested in donating your entire body to science then you will want to work with an accredited tissue bank organization. They will walk you through your options and help you complete the paperwork that is necessary for donating an entire body. Since your entire body will be utilized by science there will not be a body to bury or cremate. This can be disturbing for some family members, so it is something that will need to be talked about with your family so that they understand what your wishes are.

Dealing With Family Members

Tissue, organ and body donations are easy for the person to make, as for them the process is basically just paperwork. However, for the loved ones that survive the person who donated their body to science, emotional trauma can develop as a result of not understanding or knowing that the person wanted to donate part or all of their body to science. It is because of this that you need to let your family members know that you want to donate all or part of your body to science. This can help lessen the impact upon your death.

Making Money With Your Body Donation

As mentioned earlier, you generally cannot make money by donating your body to science. However, there are a few exceptions. The first exception is if you have a unique disease or unique physical abnormalities. In this case researchers may be willing to pay for your body. Another exception is if you have rare blood. In this case you can may be paid for blood donations and plasma donations. Most people that are healthy can also make money by donating plasma to a plasma bank. Beyond these exceptions you will generally be making your donation to science as a gift and not as a money making proposition.

About the Author: Over the last several decades I have worked to promote science to students. Through experimentation with students’ microscopes and work with science fair projects kids of all ages have learned to be scientifically innovative.

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Risks Of Plastic Surgery

Risks of Plastic Surgery


Mr vikas Gupta

Plastic surgery complications can range from scarring to fatalities and the effects of surgery can sometimes be traumatizing to patients both physically and psychologically. Even though complications are uncommon it is important to keep plastic surgery dangers in mind.The risks of plastic surgery will differ depending on the individual and the procedure they opt for.Scarring is one of the most common risks that people considering plastic surgery should be aware of. Most surgeons will try to hide incision lines in places where they aren\’t noticeable, like under the crease of the breast in breast augmentation plastic surgery and in the hairline in facial plastic surgery, but most surgeries will still result in permanent scarring.Bleeding, infection and hematomas are possible after surgery, but if these complications are caught early on they can usually be treated.

Nerve damage is a serious complication that people considering plastic surgery must be aware of. Some people who undergo plastic surgery will lose feeling in the area that was operated on while others may experience problems moving muscles in the area where the surgery was performed.Breast augmentation risks include sensory damage around the operation site, discoloration of the skin, tissue necrosis, asymmetry, infection, formation of scar tissue, and allergic reactions to sedation. Facial plastic surgery, on the other hand, can lead to noticeable tissue damage, unnatural looking features and premature aging.Not only will the procedure determine the risks involved but so will the individual. Smokers, people with diabetes, heart conditions and certain allergies are more likely to experience complications that other people can avoid.


It can be immensely dangerous to get exposed to the ill effects of plastic surgery but a thorough knowledge about dangers and risks involved, relaxes the patient, who is prepared for the consequences that may arise and thus greatly reducing any harm. There is a adage saying no gain without pain. As rightly said, people of this modern world are prepared to take few risks in order to reap the benefits offered by plastic surgery. The vital and most important aspect of getting operated by cosmetic surgery is finding a surgeon with expert qualification and renowned reputation for success. Despite the breakthrough provided by latest innovations in technology, a skilled cosmetic surgeon, well versed with latest innovations plays a main pivotal role in the success of the treatment. A surgeon without skillfulness and expertise in identifying and preventing the surgery risks involved can jeopardize the safety and final cosmetic outcome.

Plastic surgery is generally safe, although like any other medical procedure, there are associated risks. Gathering from the increasing amount of men and women who are willing to undergo operation, the benefits from the plastic surgery are multi-faceted.Plastic surgery requires adjusting the skin and tissues in various ways, from nose jobs to liposuction. Problems with the procedures could result in dimples, irregularities, puckers and even asymmetry. Scarring is a natural part of plastic surgery and skilled doctors will try to minimize scarring, but scar tissue to some degree or other will result.Damaged nerves are also a common risk with plastic surgery. Numbness, stinging and itching are also common, but fade after time. Permanent nerve damage is also a possibility.

Plastic surgery causes the flesh to break down and cells to die. It is a result of severe infection or inflammation. With seroma, pockets of fluids gathers in the surgical areas due to inflammation from damaged cells. They are frequently associated with breast augmentation and reduction surgery and are some of the more serious dangers of plastic surgery.Plastic and cosmetic surgery is real surgery with all potential risks and complications. There is no absolutes in the outcome of your cosmetic procedure and no serious plastic surgeon will give you a guarantee. Be realistic about your expectation and consult with your surgeon. The ideal patient is one with realistic expectations. On the flipside, if a patient has minimal, almost \’invisible\’ problems but has an intense need for surgery, a good surgeon will always advise against surgery.

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Get Rid Of A Turkey Neck Through Neck Lift Surgery

Get Rid Of A Turkey Neck Through Neck Lift Surgery


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What\’s the neck lift?

The neck is certainly a apparent area of the human body which usually exhibits a person s age group. However some females get their initial visible sign of aging in their neck-line. The muscle tissues and skin under the neck start to loose, sagging,develop wrinkles and turkey neck jowls due to aging, poor diet plan, weight-loss and also over contact to the sun. In case you\’re discovering a wrinkly and loosened skin in your neck area, the neck lift is good option for you to increase the physical appearance of the neck, decrease the loose and sagging skin area and also define the jaw line.

Prior to surgical treatment

If you choose to get neck lift surgery, the first thing you need to do is search the internet, testimonials doctor s history and talk to prior sufferers in order to find the very best cosmetic surgeon that performs neck lift. Once you find the doctor, make an appointment with your physician. She or he will also examine the health history and get useful information on the neck lift such as methods, anaesthesia and also incision positioning choices. He or she may also discuss about neck lift dangers, healing and also expense.


Neck lift surgical procedure

Necklift surgical procedures are usually carried out by a board-certified plastic surgeon. Many of these methods are carried out endoscopically. The neck lift surgery generally will take two to three hours to perform. There are many of procedures available to improve the appearance of the neck area for example platysmaplasty, cervicoplasty and neck liposuction.

Platysmaplasty: This particular surgical treatment is built to reduce the turkey waddle neck jowls. During this process, your physician will certainly make an incision behind your ear as well as under the chin to take out the undesirable muscle tissue bands and also modify the neck area muscle bands.Near the incisions with permanent tissue glues to hold the muscle groups in their placement. An elastic bandage will probably be covered around the neck and head to reduce the pain sensation, inflammation and also slight bruising following the surgery.

Cervicoplasty:This specific surgery is created to pick up and fix saggy skin beneath the jaw line as well as on the neck. It is done within general sedation or even local sedation. Little cuts are created below your chin area and also behind your ears to eliminate the unwanted excess skin from the neck area as well as lift up the skin which is sealed using long lasting stitches and also mastic glue. An elastic bandage is applied on the cut place that can help to lessen irritation and pain.

Neck liposuction:This specific surgery is made to remove the excess fat from the neck area. This specific surgical treatment is ideal for individuals who have the double chin and also fatty neck trouble. In this surgical procedure, the surgeon will certainly make a small cut under your chin and after that take away the extra fat by placing the small cannula that is utilized to slice body fat in to tiny parts and then take it out of the neck area. The cuts are closed up with the aid of long term stitches. Your doctor will apply an elastic bandage about the neck and head to lessen the swelling and also soreness.


A lot of people can go back to their day to day activities in 10-14 days. Avoid strenuous activity. If you wish to participate in sporting activities and other physically actions, you have to wait at least three to four weeks after surgical treatment.


Neck lift expense generally varies from $5,000 to $8,000. In case the price is high and also not able to pay out at a time, ask your doctor concerning repayment possibilities.

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