Benefits Of Custom Merchandise &Amp; Other Promotional Products For Your Australian Business

Submitted by: Pac Holdings

After establishing your business, your next major challenge as an entrepreneur is to promote it. You can choose from a wide variety of different ways to achieve visibility. One avenue that has been proven to be very effective is by using product promotions.

Seek the services of a promotions company that will provide you with effective promotional items or custom merchandise. This may just turn out to be your most valuable marketing weapon, and the possibilities are endless.

?Benefits of Custom Merchandise & Promotional Products?

Promotional products allow you to target a broad range of demographics while preventing you from straying beyond your budgetary limitations.Another excellent advantage to custom merchandiseis that it allows you to promote your business without annoying your potential customers because these items are actually very useful.


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Promoting your business using custom merchandise and other promotional productsis an affordable investment. Most small business owners tend to think that this is an expensive marketing strategy, but itis in fact a cheaper option compared to advertising with print ads, radio, or television.

Promotes Branding

Besides being affordable, custom merchandisepromotes branding. Branding illuminatesconsumers interest and knowledge of your product and/or services. This will effectively motivate your consumers to purchase from youand eventually leads to product loyalty.

The informationon your custom merchandise – your company s logo, tagline, and other company information helps your customers remember your product or services easily. Customers can then refer your business to other potential customers because of this information, thereby helping your business grow quickly.

In Conjunction with Other Marketing Materials

Besides acting as a standalone promotional tool, promotionalproducts or custom merchandise items can also become valuable accompanimentsto your other advertising campaigns. They reinforce your overall marketing strategies and strengthen visibility.

Comprehensive and Inventive

Promotional items cover a wide range of possible products; from home improvement equipment, to office supplies, to lifestyle materials, and many other aspects of daily living. So you have a comprehensive list to choose from, and you can tailor these to precisely fit for your business. You can even combine different products or tweak designs to come up with cooler, more inventive custom merchandise items.


These promotional items are practical and beneficial enticing customers to own them. They will believe that as a company, you care about them because of these useful giveaways. These items will delight consumers because they serve their basic purposes but at the same time cleverly promoting your business without annoying them.

Long Lasting

Since most of us use at least one of the many promotional products available, such as a pen, an umbrella, a mug, or a key ring, promotional items can therefore mean greater longevity in terms of everyday publicity for your business. They provide long-term brand communication between your business and valuable customers, and enhance your chances at reaching prospective clients. Since custom merchandisecan actually be passed from one person to another and one generation to the next, they provide a lasting impression for your future customers.

About the Author: With over 20 years of experience as a promotions company, (

.au)PAC Holdings has been running successfully operating as a manufacturer, designer, and supplier of custom merchandise & other promotional products for Australian businesses.


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Final report blames London passenger jet crash on ice

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The United Kingdom’s Air Accidents Investigation Board (AAIB) yesterday blamed a release of ice in the fuel system of a British Airways passenger jet as the cause of a crash two years ago at London’s Heathrow Airport. Flight 38 from China was attempting to land when both engines lost almost all power – a condition called “rollback”.

The exact phenomenon had never been previously identified, but it not only affected the British Airways jet two years ago but also a Delta Airlines jet above the United States later the same year. Both were Boeing 777 aircraft. That incident prompted the AAIB to collaborate with the US National Transportation Safety Board.

BA 38 was approximately 43 seconds from touchdown when it experienced a dual engine rollback that was beyond the control of the flight crew. Captain Peter Burkill and co-pilot John Coward were later hailed as heroes for performing a successful crash landing 330 metres from the runway. The plane avoided nearby buildings and a road, leaving the landing gear deployed to act as shock absorbers.

The jet slid 372 metres after the crash, but all 136 passengers evacuated alive. 36 passengers and twelve crewmembers were injured, mostly suffering whiplash and one incurring a broken leg. The report concluded there was no time to alert the cabin crew or passengers to the situation developing in the cockpit.

The engine rollback was caused by ice forming in the fuel system; the ice came from water molecules existing as impurities in the fuel, and lined the fuel system. When extra fuel was pumped through to supply the engines for landing manoeuvres, the ice was dislodged.

It is believed to have then settled on a component called the fuel-oil heat exchanger, a dual-purpose component that runs oil pipes through the fuel system. The idea is to cool down hot oil and keep fuel warm to prevent freezing. As the result of previous safety recommendations from both the UK and US investigators Boeing and engine company Rolls-Royce have worked to redesign the part.

Every component of the aircraft complied with all relevant airworthiness standards, and the fuel also complied with the standards applying to it. Although ice problems have been known since the 1950s, sudden release problems were unheard of before the crash. The testing conducted as part of the investigation is thought to be unique and the aircraft experienced unusually low temperatures during the flight.

A total of eighteen safety recommendations have been issued, of which nine came from an interim report and nine are new. Some of these apply to aircraft “crashworthiness” – the ability to withstand impact forces.

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Wikinews interviews Stephen Murphy about the upcoming by-election in the Higgins electorate of the Australian parliament

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

With two by-elections coming up in Australia, many minor parties and independents will be looking to gain a seat in the House of Representatives. Stephen Murphy is one of the independents.

Mr Murphy is a computer programmer from the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick.

“After growing up in South-East Melbourne I studied Science at Monash with first class Honours, worked in Europe for 10 years and have recently returned to Australia. I work in finance as a computer programmer and speak five languages,” Mr Murphy said.

Wikinews reporter Patrick Gillett held an exclusive email interview with Mr Murphy, candidate for the Division of Higgins.

((WN)) Why do you want to get into parliament?

Stephen Murphy: I am standing up for what I believe is the correct course of action on the biggest issue in Australian politics in 100 years – Kevin Rudd’s flawed emissions trading scheme (ETS).

((WN)) What would the three main policies you are taking into this by-election be?

SM: I will oppose the emissions trading scheme, ensure that all government policy is based on accurate scientific evidence and return common sense to Canberra

((WN)) How would you address these policies?

SM: By asking for a Royal Commission into climate change so that the facts (such as that global warming stopped in 2001 and the emissions trading scheme will not change the climate one bit) are openly presented to the Australian people.

((WN)) Sending asylum seekers to Indonesia: good or bad?

SM: Any government policy that does not properly consider all implications (be it emissions trading, or any other issue) is a bad one.

((WN)) Is the Australian dollar’s near parity with the US dollar a sign that the Australian economy is healthy, the US economy in chaos or both?

SM: It’s a sign of both. Many countries around the world look with envy at how well (relatively) Australia is doing, to our credit! It is of concern that the American economy is in such bad shape and that their levels of debt seem unsustainable.

((WN)) How do you rate the governments economic stimulus package?

SM: The economic stimulus package was poorly targeted and poorly carried out. When we could have been building roads, dams, railways and hospitals yet instead we were paying for tattoos, PlayStations and overseas holidays.

((WN)) Should it be wound back?

SM: The question about levels of stimulus spending is a complicated one and requires expertise in economics, however one could say in general terms that all government spending should be well targeted and spent in the most efficient way.

((WN)) Is Kevin Rudd a better Prime Minister than John Howard?’

SM: Australian voters are the best judge of that and we will know in 2019 🙂

((WN)) Is the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme an effective solution to climate change? Why?

SM: Absolutely not. The CPRS will not change the climate by any amount that we can measure – it’s just a new tax that will hurt Australians and drive businesses and jobs overseas. Since 2003 there has been mountains of new scientific data which contradicts the popular theory that human carbon dioxide emissions are causing significant global warming. Recently, many of the scientists who wrote the IPCC report (on which the ETS / CPRS is based) have been reported as manipulating scientific data to create scary global warming scenarios. The science is definitely not settled

((WN)) Is there a better solution?

SM: We can very easily refocus the momentum and goodwill that has been generated on climate change and channel this energy into other worthwhile environmental projects in Australia that will make a difference.

((WN)) Why should the electorate vote for you?

SM: I will oppose the ETS and support responsible environmental policies instead of radical environmental policies that could end up costing every Australian taxpayer $4550 per year in new taxes.

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Beginners Guide To Heat Pumps


Heat pumps are a viable option for homeowners looking for energy efficient heating and cooling options. A heat pump converts energy from around your home and uses this transferred energy to heat and cool as necessary. Heat pump systems require very little fuel, earning them a reputation in the heating and cooling industry as an energy saving option. If you’re looking to stabilize your energy spending, while still staying comfortable throughout the winter and summer, a heat pump may be the right option for you. If you’re in the market for heat pumps Woodbridge VA, HVAC specialists of this area can provide an energy efficient option that can save you money on your utility bills and help maintain a constant temperature in your home.

One Combined System

A heat pump offers homeowners the benefits of both an air conditioner and a furnace, while allowing them to save money on their energy bills. A heat pump has a thermostat that cycles the heat pump on and off to maintain the selected temperature. This temperature is consistently maintained, instead of the home’s temperature going up and down with the weather.

Maintains Consistent Temperature

It takes far less energy to maintain a home at a consistent temperature than it does to make dramatic adjustments. A heat pump transfers the energy from the air around your home to heat or cool it as necessary, making small adjustments as needed. Because your home stays at one temperature consistently, your energy bills remain lower than they would with traditional types of heating.

Efficiency Depends on Climate

The overall efficiency of a heat pump depends on the climate you live in. Homeowners in very hot or cold areas may find that they need supplemental heating or cooling equipment, while those who live in more temperate climates may find that they can keep their home at a consistent temperature with the heat pump alone. Your HVAC contractor should be able to advise you as to whether or not you’ll need supplemental heating alongside your heat pump, or if you’ll be fine with it alone.

FAA orders review of Boeing 787 Dreamliners following week of incidents

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordered a review Friday into the design and manufacture of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, following five incidents in five days involving the aircraft and two Japanese airlines.

On Monday, an electrical fire broke out aboard a Japan Airlines 787 at Boston’s Logan International Airport, when a battery pack which powers the auxiliary power unit, for when the plane is on the ground, caught fire. The fire was discovered by maintenance workers after passengers and crew disembarked following their flight from Tokyo’s Narita Airport.

The next day, a separate Japan Airlines 787, also at Logan International Airport, heading to Tokyo, suffered a fuel leak that spilled around 40 gallons, which was spotted by the crew of the aircraft taxiing behind them. “That Japan Air may know it, but they’ve got fuel or something spilling out the outboard left wing. Quite a bit,” said the pilot of aircraft behind them on local air traffic control frequencies.

Wednesday, in Japan, an All Nippon Airways 787, the launch customer for the aircraft, cancelled a flight after a brake problem was reported.

Earlier Friday, two All Nippon Airways suffered separate incidents in Japan. An oil leak was noticed in the engine after one aircraft had landed in Miyazaki, coming from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. Another flight, flying between Haneda Airport and Matsuyama said the pilot’s side window in the cockpit suffered a crack.

The FAA in a statement said “In light of a series of recent events, the FAA will conduct a comprehensive review of the Boeing 787 critical systems, including the design, manufacture and assembly.” Further adding, “The purpose of the review is to validate the work conducted during the certification process and further ensure that the aircraft meets the FAA’s high level of safety.”

According to the statement, “The review will also examine how the electrical and mechanical systems interact with each other.” The Boeing 787 relies more on electrical, as opposed to mechanical, systems than past aircraft from the manufacturer including having electronics operate hydraulic pumps and using electric brakes. Large portions of the plane’s structure use lightweight carbon fiber composite instead of more traditional metal airframe.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said, “The safety of the traveling public is our top priority […] This review will help us look at the root causes and do everything we can to safeguard against similar events in the future.”

“We are confident that the aircraft is safe. But we need to have a complete understanding of what is happening,” said newly sworn-in FAA Administrator Michael P. Huerta. “We are conducting the review to further ensure that the aircraft meets our high safety standards.”

Boeing released a statement saying, “[The company] is confident in the design and performance of the 787. It is a safe and efficient airplane. The airplane has logged 50,000 hours of flight and there are more than 150 flights occurring daily.”

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Unreported tainted milk incident publicised in China

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The health department in Guizhou province, China has ordered three batches of milk products to be removed from sale after the discovery they contain melamine. In 2008 six children were killed by milk contaminated with the chemical and 300,000 fell ill.

The department has suspended all sales from the three companies involved. Last November, two men were executed for their roles in selling milk tainted with the chemical, which was largely distributed by Samlu Corp, a company that has since been liquidised. The executed convicts mixed up batches totalling hundreds of tonnes of melamine-tainted milk, and were among 21 people successfuly prosecuted over the contamination. Chinese dairy products were withdrawn around the world.

The latest finds have gone unreported for nearly a year before a provincial news service reported on the tainted products from Shandong Zibo Lusaier Dairy Co., Liaoning Tieling Wuzhou Food Co. and Laoting Kaida Refrigeration Plant. This was then picked up today by China Daily, meaning it has only now come to the world’s attention. No specifics are available other than that popsicles are involved.

Early 2009 would place the discoveries and recalls shortly after the government anounced a crackdown on malpractice in the dairy industry. Recently, two other reports have emerged of tainted milk being discovered elsewhere in China, including Shanghai.

It is uncertain why this is only now becoming public knowledge, althought the Shanghai case was said to be complicated by crossing provincial borders. There, reports emerged on New Year’s Eve although the actual news dated back to April.

After the 2008 milk scandal new food safety legislation was passed. These new laws made room for more vigourous testing and stronger recall arrangements. The government made it clear that coverups were intolerable. At the time, 22 companies were indentified as being involved in melamine-contamination in milk.

Two dairies recently named in state media as behind more recent incidents were on that original list, including Laoting Kaida and Shanghai Panda Dairy Co. Media reports suggest that the newer problem may have been that milk containing melimine that was never destroyed from the original discovery was then repackaged.

The companies involved have stated that they bought in raw milk without realising it contained the poisonous chemical. China Daily quoted an official as saying the same thing. It also stated an ex-dairy industry official had said that it was probable that further milk containing illegally high levels of the substance remained available to the Chinese consumer.

News organisations have tried contacting the companies involved and authorities in Guizhou province but with little success. This trend was bucked by the Agence France-Presse, who reached Guizhou’s health department, only to be told the reports were not correct.

Melamine has a high nitrogen content which can make watered-down milk seem to contain extra protein. It is intended for use in manufacturing industries, in products such as concrete, plastic and fertiliser. Large quantities can cause kidney stones and kidney failure.

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JetBlue launches service from Raleigh, North Carolina to New York

Thursday, July 20, 2006

JetBlue Airways launched service from Raleigh-Durham International Airport to John F. Kennedy International Airport on Thursday, July 20. The airline also announced daily service from Raleigh to Boston starting on October 18.

JetBlue’s service in Raleigh is comprised of four daily flights to New York, the airline’s hub.

The route is flown by EMBRAER 190 aircraft with a capacity of 100 passengers. The aircraft are equipped with DirecTV and XM Satellite Radio programming.

On October 18, JetBlue’s service from Raleigh to Boston will begin with one daily flight.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport currently has 223 daily departures to 37 cities.

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Atlanta Painting Contractors Are The Best When It Comes To Color

Atlanta Painting Contractors are the best when it comes to color


kristan pointing

Every house owner wants to design their home in the desired way to suite all their style tastes. The majority of the house owners often get confused and baffled when it comes to selecting the color tone and color shades for your newly developed house or renovation undergoing apartment. There is no doubt that a fresh patch of color often does miracle and creates a fresh look. A new life gets injected in the ambiance of the house with the touch of the brush of a professional house painter. Only a professional hand knows the amount of color that is required to create the marvel. This requires a good amount of skill and proper training.

If you think that you can yourself make difference by adding some colors to your house that you are totally working. For any job in the world it is best to consult with the experts of that niche. A house is best when it gets the touch of a renovation. The whole thing comprises of a series of procedure. The process starts with contacting well-reputed Atlanta painting contractors

, as they are the authority in this field. They do a thorough analysis of the house on which they are going to apply color. They have different services for various purposes. Every house owner wants to have a house adorned with various vibrant colors, thus they hire the services of a professional painter. Painting contractors are those people who take on the projects of color applying in various parts of the nation and complete those projects within fixed time line maintain top class quality.

YouTube Preview Image

Once you hire the services of Atlanta Painting Contractors

you know that you have contacted the right group of people. They would never apply cheap color on your household and would make sure to do the work in the finest way possible. When it comes to residential color applying services, you get both the exterior and interior portions of the house covered. They take every possible measure to keep the whole process simple and no such problem is created in your daily life while they perform the job in your courtyard.

Atlanta Commercial Painting is another name which needs to be taken in this regard with great respect. It actually deals with the official needs and various other jobs. Any office looking to create a fresh environment of interior and exterior loves to make use of this service. Atlanta house painting offers top quality of painting solutions at a very much affordable price range. This is the reason that throughout the nation more and more people are now opting for their services. There is no doubt that with them in the scene every house and office is looking for a fresh and rejuvenated look of their own. A fresh coating of paint can make a lot of difference in the mind of viewers. Make people once again fall in love with your offices interior and houses exterior. This is the moment when you should create an impression of yours with the right tool.

Get the most skilled

Atlanta Painting Contractors

from the house of

Atlanta House Painting

. They are also very much popular in offering

Atlanta Commercial Painting


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New Zealand Tsunami heroes to receive Special Service Medal

Monday, December 26, 2005

A new medal has been created for New Zealanders who helped in recovery efforts after the Boxing Day Tsunami.

Called the New Zealand Special Service Medal (Asian Tsunami) it recognises the work of New Zealanders who went to the region after the tsunami; locating the missing, identifying the dead, and assisting those left behind. Defence Minister Phil Goff says New Zealanders who served in the devastated areas in the first two months after the tsunami, are to receive the medal.

In a provisional list; which was released today; 163 New Zealanders are honoured in which 37 are non-military or police personnel (including aid workers).

Also, forty-seven police officers will receive the honour for their work identifying bodies in Thailand.

Prime Minister Helen Clark said the medal recognised “the special service of those New Zealanders who undertook often harrowing tasks in dangerous conditions”.

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Recall of Thomas the Tank Engine toys due to lead-paint fears

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A recall issued last week for Thomas the Tank Engine toys made in China and containing lead-based paint, is the latest scare for consumers, and follows recent scandals involving Chinese-made pet food, pharmaceuticals, toothpaste and other toys, The New York Times has reported in a series of articles.

Last week, RC2, a U.S. toy company based in Oak Brook, Illinois, issued a recall for its popular wooden “Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends” train sets. The recall involved 1.5 million “Thomas Wooden Railway” vehicles and train sets sold at toy stores and various retailers across the U.S. from January 2005 through June 2007.

A subsequent recall has been issued in the United Kingdom, where Thomas the Tank Engine was originated in the 1940s as a character in a children’s story by the Reverend W.V. Awdry. Around 70,000 toys are involved in the U.K. recall, according to The Guardian.

“RC2 has determined that the surface paints on the recalled products contain lead. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health effects,” the Consumer Product Safety Commission said in a press release dated June 13. “Consumers should take the recalled toys away from young children immediately and contact RC2 Corp. for a replacement toy,” the commission said.

Those “adverse health effects” could include brain and nerve damage, especially in young children, as well as blood and brain disorders. Severe lead poisoning causes vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, anemia, loss of appetite, headaches and in particularly high doses, coma and death.

In an article on Monday, The New York Times reported that recalls have been issued for 24 different toys in the U.S. in the past year, and every one of them was made in China. According to the Toy Industry Association, toys made in China account for around 70 percent to 80 percent of all the toys sold in the U.S., The Times said.

“These are items that children are supposed to be playing with,” Prescott Carlson was quoted as saying by The Times. Carlson is a co-founder of a child-safety website called Imperfect Parent, which tracks recalls of toys and other baby products. “It should be at a point where companies in the United States that are importing these items are held liable,” Carlson said.

RC2 would not comment to The Times, and a Consumer Product Safety Commission spokesman would not say how long ago the problem with the lead paint was discovered.

For a follow-up article on Tuesday, The Times visited a factory in Dongguan, in China’s Guangdong province, where the “Thomas and Friends” toys are made. The paper interviewed workers and took photos on the factory floor.

“You’re intruding,” a factory manager identified only as Zhong was quoted as telling the reporters. “Tell me, why exactly are you here?”

During the visit, a reporter, translator and a photographer were detained by factory officials, and released a day later after local police and government officials intervened.

The factory also produces other toys for RC2, including toy John Deere trucks, NASCAR racing models and M&M’s cars, The Times said. RC2 makes the toys under licenses from various companies. The “Thomas and Friends” toys are made under license from Hit Entertainment, which owns the “Thomas” brand.

According to RC2, items in the “Thomas and Friends” recall are:

  • Red James Engine & Red James’ # 5 Coal Tender
  • Red Lights & Sounds James Engine & Red James’ #5
  • Lights & Sounds Coal Tender
  • James with Team Colors Engine & James with Team Colors *#5 Coal Tender
  • Red Skarloey Engine
  • Brown & Yellow Old Slow Coach
  • Red Hook & Ladder Truck & Red Water Tanker Truck
  • Red Musical Caboose
  • Red Sodor Line Caboose
  • Red Coal Car labeled “2006 Day Out With Thomas” on the Side
  • Red Baggage Car
  • Red Holiday Caboose
  • Red “Sodor Mail” Car
  • Red Fire Brigade Truck
  • Red Fire Brigade Train
  • Deluxe Sodor Fire Station
  • Red Coal Car
  • Yellow Box Car
  • Red Stop Sign
  • Yellow Railroad Crossing Sign
  • Yellow “Sodor Cargo Company” Cargo Piece
  • Smelting Yard
  • Ice Cream Factory

Toys listed that are marked with codes containing “WJ” or “AZ” are not included in the recall.

Earlier, RC2 said that customers would have to cover shipping costs to return the toys to the company. It later agreed to cover postage after angry complaints by parents, The Times said in an article yesterday. Refunds will take about two months.

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