How Menopause Can Impact Your Relationship

By Kathryn Whittaker

Women tend to experience menopause between the ages of 45 and 55. The female body, no longer needing to maintain the reproductive system shuts it down. For some fortunate women the process is gradual – but for most it is akin to slamming a book shut. The body diminishes the production of progesterone and estrogen.

Some of you reading this may be wondering how this has anything to do with relationships. The reality of the situation is that women experiencing menopause can be subjected to a wide variety of troubling symptoms including: insomnia, loss of libido, changes in appetite, weight gain, depression, anger, mood swings, and hot flashes.

In terms of relationships it is not difficult to understand that some, if not all of these symptoms, can be detrimental to a healthy relationship. One minute you may be feeling fine and the next you might experience a bout of anger. While it is impossible to fashion a menopause-proof vest, your significant other will most likely have to deal with your fluctuating emotional state. True, he or she should be understanding, but dealing with mood swings can be difficult. Many women report not feeling like themselves. This can be difficult for your partner to deal with so it is important for there to be consideration on both sides.

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In addition, many women go through a period of feeling undesirable, experiencing vaginal dryness, and a lack of sexual libido. This is normal but can also be difficult to deal with. The quality of a couple’s sexual relationship can be threatened.

There are a few ways to cope with the situation. An option is to see a mental health professional such as a counselor. You can either go alone or with your significant other. There are even some group therapy sessions that might be particularly helpful. The most important thing is that you get the help you need.

If you are having difficulty communicating out loud what you are going through with your partner you might want to try writing down what you are feeling. Since there are emotional side effects during menopause, simply writing down what you are feeling can be of tremendous benefit to both you and your partner.

Remember, getting through this tough time should not fall squarely on your shoulders. If you clearly explain what you are going through to your partner you should expect a demonstration of understanding.

If you are the significant other of a woman going through menopause and reading this know that you can help the situation by suggesting new ideas to take your relationship forward – sexually and otherwise. Maintaining a relationship through menopause can be a challenge. It takes dedication, love, support, trust, and honesty to allow the relationship to survive.

Menopause is a condition that all women must experience. The real decision you have to make is whether you are going to let the symptoms of menopause significantly change your life or are you going to work around them. Trust your partner to support you, and together, there is nothing the both of you can not do.

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Evergrande real estate firm makes missed September bond payment, avoids default

Saturday, October 23, 2021

China property giant Evergrande Group wired USD83.5 million in interest owed in an offshore bond from September 23 on Thursday, temporarily averting default, according to a Reuters source and Chinese newspaper Securities Times.

The wire to a Citibank fiduciary account following a 30-day grace period came after assurances by various members of the Chinese government, Reuters reported. At a Beijing forum Wednesday, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He described the risks as controllable, and chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission Yi Huiman said that while authorities needed to curb excessive debt more broadly by “improv[ing] the effectiveness of the constraint mechanism on debt financing”, the matter would be dealt with properly.

Once China’s top real estate developer, Evergrande had accumulated approximately USD305 billion in liabilities, two per cent of the Chinese gross national product, after “dwindling resources” cut its value by 80%, according to Reuters. September data revealed Chinese home sales by value fell by nearly 17% year-on-year, according to The Guardian, and fears over its default led to a slowdown in China’s third quarter GDP growth to a year low of 4.9%. Two sale negotiations with rival developers Hopson Development and Yuexiu, valued at USD2.6 billion and USD1.7 billion, respectively, were suspended, reportedly due to a lack of consent by the government of Guangdong province currently overseeing Evergrande’s restructuring.

News of Evergrande’s remittance caused its shares to rise by as much as 7.8% this morning after a two-week pause in trading for the anticipated sale of 50.1% in Evergrande Property Services Group, and offering some reprieve for bondholders, according to Reuters. Portfolio manager at GaoTeng Global Asset Management James Wong, interviewed by The Guardian, called the news “a positive surprise”, adding “[i]f Evergrande pays this time, I don’t see why it won’t pay the next time.” Jun Rong Yeap for IG Asia pte., interviewed by Bloomberg, said the report “overturned” the narrative “that Evergrande will face difficulty in securing cash ahead”.

Further missed payments are due October 29 and November 11 after similar 30-day grace periods; including yesterday’s USD83.5 million, nearly USD280 million is owed to bondholders.

Stocks have been down for many major Chinese developers: Reuters Wednesday reported year-to-date stock prices fell 87.8% for Sinic Holdings, currently in Fitch Ratings’ ‘restricted default’ after failing to make an October 18 bond payment valued, according to The Guardian, at USD246 million; 80.2% for Evergrande itself; 78.3% for E-House, 58.5% for Fantasia Holdings and 54.6% for Kaisa Group, which defaulted in 2015 and had bonds reach record lows.

Estimates of the Chinese real estate market’s size range from 16 to 25% of the Chinese gross domestic product, according to The Guardian. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s aim to transform the country’s economy from one of debt-fuelled “inflated” growth to one of improved “quality and returns” included imposing regulations on developers that limited their capacity to borrow. A Guardian comment piece from economist George Magnus published on October 15 made reference to China’s “ghost cities” and “rampant credit creation” that has given rise to high vacancy rates and the “financialisaton of housing”.

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Researcher claims solution to P vs NP math problem

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vinay Deolalikar, a mathematician who works for HP Labs, claims to have proven that P is not equal to NP. The problem is the greatest unsolved problem in theoretical computer science and is one of seven problems in which the Clay Mathematics Institute has offered million dollar prizes to the solutions.

The question of whether P equals NP essentially asks whether there exist problems which take a long time to solve but whose solutions can be checked quickly. More formally, a problem is said to be in P if there is a program for a Turing machine, an ideal theoretical computer with unbounded amounts of memory, such that running instances of the problem through the program will always answer the question in polynomial time — time always bounded by some fixed polynomial power of the length of the input. A problem is said to be in NP, if the problem can be solved in polynomial time when instead of being run on a Turing machine, it is run on a non-deterministic Turing machine, which is like a Turing machine but is able to make copies of itself to try different approaches to the problem simultaneously.

Mathematicians have long believed that P does not equal NP, and the question has many practical implications. Much of modern cryptography, such as the RSA algorithm and the Diffie-Hellman algorithm, rests on certain problems, such as factoring integers, being in NP and not in P. If it turned out that P=NP, these methods would not work but many now difficult problems would likely be easy to solve. If P does not equal NP then many natural, practical problems such as the traveling salesman problem are intrinsically difficult.

In 2000, the Clay Foundation listed the “Clay Millenium Problems,” seven mathematical problems each of which they would offer a million dollars for a correct solution. One of these problems was whether P equaled NP. Another of theseseven, the Poincaré conjecture, was solved in 2002 by Grigori Perelman who first made headlines for solving the problem and then made them again months later for refusing to take the prize money.

On August 7, mathematician Greg Baker noted on his blog that he had seen a draft of a claimed proof by Deolalikar although among experts a draft had apparently been circulating for a few days. Deolalikar’s proof works by connecting certain ideas in computer science and finite model theory to ideas in statistical mechanics. The proof works by showing that if certain problems known to be in NP were also in P then those problems would have impossible statistical properties. Computer scientists and mathematicians have expressed a variety of opinions about Deolalikar’s proof, ranging from guarded optimism to near certainty that the proof is incorrect. Scott Aaronson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has expressed his pessimism by stating that he will give $200,000 of his own money to Deolalikar if the proof turns out to be valid. Others have raised specific technical issues with the proof but noted that the proof attempt presented interesting new techniques that might be relevant to computer science whether or not the proof turns out to be correct. Richard Lipton, a professor of computer science at Georgia Tech, has said that “the author certainly shows awareness of the relevant obstacles and command of literature supporting his arguments.” Lipton has listed four central objections to the proof, none of which are necessarily fatal but may require more work to address. On August 11, 2010, Lipton reported that consensus of the reviewers was best summarized by mathematician Terence Tao, who expressed the view that Deolalikar’s paper probably did not give a proof that P!=NP even after major changes, unless substantial new ideas are added.

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Thinking Of Moving To France

Submitted by: Ron Joh

If a person is looking into relocating and considering going across the map the job may seem too large of a task. It doesn’t have to seem impossible though, because with some simple choices moving to France can be made painless and stress free. The first thing a person will want to do is make contact with a quality moving company that can help them make some of the more difficult tasks simpler. If this is unfamiliar territory for someone, here are a couple of pointers to get them started in the right direction.

Decide On A Moving Company

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When a person has decided on moving to France it can lighten the burden of decision making if they decide to use a professional moving company. If a person hasn’t already used one in the past, they will be pleasantly delighted with all the different ways a quality service can help ease them into this new transition. Moving to France will become painless the minute a quality moving company is brought on board. This means a company that offers a variety of services, different rate plans, is international, and has been doing this for some time.

Now where might a person find such a company? That’s easy. The first place is to try different online searches. Scroll through all the sites carefully to see what is offered and what may be the best choices to select from. After discovering a few choices, read up on some of their customer reviews to make an informed selection. After this make sure to call some of the companies that really stand out and go over some of the precise details of the particular move with them. This will help them to be able to finalize rate quotes and give an idea of what their booking schedule may look like.

What If Moving To France Means Crossing An Ocean?

Don’t sweat it. When a professional company is helping with the services there’s nothing they won’t be able to do. Getting all those collectibles, or heirlooms passed down from grandma with safely to a new home is just one of the things they’ll be confident at. They will also be able to help a person arrange to have surplus items put into storage for use at a later date, help with packing materials, and offer different advice to get a person through a life changing move.

Having these services within one company can really take a lot of weight off of someone’s shoulders when a big move is just around the corner. Going to a new country for a vacation can end up being stressful, moving to France to stay can be even more so. That’s why having some people on board that can help with every step of the process is the best decision a person making this kind of change can make. Make sure to plan ahead for these needs. It will make the move smoother, and settling into a new home and country all the more fun and enjoyable.

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Report urges Kenya to ban plastic bags

Wednesday, March 9, 2005File:Plastic bag stock sized.jpg

They are cheap, useful, and very plentiful, and that is exactly the problem, according to researchers. A report issued on Feb. 23 by a cadre of environment and economics researchers suggested that Kenya should ban the common plastic bag that one gets at the checkout counter of grocery stores, and place a levy on other plastic bags, all to combat the country’s environmental problems stemming from the bags’ popularity.

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‘Astonishing’ figures show 800 Scottish NHS staff earning over £140,000

Sunday, November 28, 2010

In tough financial times we need to make sure that our focus is on patient care and every penny is spent in the most efficient way.

Over 800 National Health Service staff in Scotland are earning more than £140,000 each year—more than First Minister Alex Salmond. New figures also reveal that 3,000 NHS workers are earning over £100,000. One NHS board alone, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, employs 893 staff earning more than £100,000, and 181 being paid over £140,000.

Jackie Baillie, health spokeswoman for the Labour Party, which uncovered the figures, said they were “astonishing”, and urged health boards to examine if savings can be made by reducing salaries of top earners. “This is a far better option than cutting frontline staff like nurses and midwives. In tough financial times we need to make sure that our focus is on patient care and every penny is spent in the most efficient way.” She further said: “In the current economic climate, it is impossible to justify huge salaries for consultants and senior executives when health boards are planning 4000 job losses this year, including 1500 nurses and midwives.”

Britain’s largest health service industrial union, Unison, questioned the amount of money the NHS was paying. A spokesperson said: “Unison doesn’t begrudge anybody the rate of pay for the job but obviously our membership will be concerned that while they are to face a pay freeze and people delivering frontline services are losing their jobs, there is a cohort of folk who appear to earn more than the most senior politician in the land.”

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Bloggers investigate social networking websites

Friday, January 27, 2006The humble beginnings of many popular Web services, such as Google, LiveJournal, and Yahoo!, are well-documented and available on their websites, and frequently recounted in news stories about the firms. These websites are also scrutinized for any perceived violations of users’ privacy or other basic rights.

However, until recently, no investigation had been done into MySpace and Facebook, two new “social networking” sites of explosive popularity among teenagers and college students. American bloggers, using Google and financial records, have begun investigations into the origins and policies of these sites, making some claims that the site owners explicitly deny.

Wikipedia has more about this subject:

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Rely On Good Quality Construction Equipment Hire In Preston}

Rely on good quality construction equipment hire in Preston


Brian MillerWhether you undertake a large scale construction work or a smaller one, the right machinery and other equipment are absolutely necessary to pursue the whole project without having to face any trouble. With the availability of reliable services of construction equipment hire in Preston, you can now get in touch with the service providers easily. It is important that you provide them with a detailed list of whatever machinery you require to avoid any problem. These companies also provide bulldozers for hire for construction and other necessary purposes. They extend their services to all kinds of projects at pocket-friendly rates.

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Brazil trot to 1-0 win over Croatia in Group F

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Brazil beat Croatia in the second Group match, in Berlin, Tuesday, but only by one goal.

Croatia had sat back and made it difficult but Brazil seemed to be in no great hurry to impress and was satisfied with the margin of victory.

One noticeable feature of the match, Brazilian forward Ronaldo appeared to display an exaggerated lack of interest in the game. Carlos Alberto Parreira substituted the Real Madrid striker after just over an hour.

“I don’t know what happened to him,” Robert Kovac, the Croatian centre-back said. “He didn’t run … It was very easy,” he said.

Second best to three Croatian defenders, with the experience of 181 caps between them, Ronaldo did not get a shot on goal until the second half.

The 72,000 fans in the Olympia Stadium saw the best of Brazil in the first half with Kaka and Ronaldinho bright in midfield. Lacking muscle from Ronaldo, Brazil was confined to long range shooting.

Roberto Carlos fired a shot from 40 yards, which was put over by Stipe Pletikosa; the Croatia keeper then, after 15 minutes of the match, tipped a Ronaldinho effort behind. Cafu also had a shot on target and another from Kaka went wide.

A successful long-range effort came from Kaka at 42 minutes. At the top of the semi circle he curled the ball with the inside of his left foot, the keeper’s right hand not even close.

The World Cup champions of 2002 were tested in defence as the Croatians probed for an equaliser. But the team with red and white chequers did not use their 50 per cent of possession to create many clear openings, nor did they capitalise on Brazilian errors.

On 59 minutes Brazil’s defence had a lapse in concentration: a misplaced pass between the back three nearly allowed the quick Croatian substitute Ivica Olic a chance on goal. The advantage came to nothing as the defence recovered.

The best Croatian chance fell to Niko Kranjcar, minutes from the end. When the cross came into the box the midfielder was unmarked – but his header went far over the bar.

The Croatian manager, Zlatko Kranjcar might consider a one-goal loss a good result against the reigning champions. Carlos Alberto Parreira might think by Brazil’s high standards the game was a bad training session.

But the result was a win and was Brazil’s eighth successive World Cup win, a tournament record.

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Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Green candidate Marion Schaffer, Oakville

Monday, September 24, 2007

Marion Schaffer is running for the Green Party of Ontario in the Ontario provincial election, in the Oakville riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed her regarding her values, her experience, and her campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

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