Retirement Jobs Revitalizes Senior Citizens

Submitted by: Christopher Granger

Why is it that most seniors return to work after their retirement, and take on retirement jobs when they should be easing up and enjoying their social benefits? The reasons are myriad, and among these (not necessarily in order of preference) are money, boredom, feelings of uncertainty, the need to help children, the need to regain sense of self, and last but not the least, to gain happiness and peace in their lives.

Money is the common denominator of all people who work, and seniors also need additional money to supplement their retirement pay, more so if the senior has children who need special attention and support, like children with some disorders and are handicapped, or children who seem to be always out of money and then ran to the parents for some temporary support. Retirement jobs are also needed to act as buffer to the uncertainty of the future like unexpected illness or accident which may require financial outlays often not included in one’s contingencies. People who have worked for almost their lifetime cannot be without work, for work to them has become their daily habits, and as the saying goes, habits are hard to break. Work is like therapy to them, and idleness gives rise to boredom. Social interaction and friendships in the workplace are also greatly missed upon retirement, and some seniors experience the compelling reason to work again, as this will give them happiness and peace in their daily existence.


The advent of high technology principally the internet has changed the way seniors are being treated in the world’s labor market. The previous disadvantages and concepts of seniors delivering slow and less than efficient work due to the senility of old age no longer holds water. Seniors today, majority of who are form the baby boom generation, are of a different breed. They are more alert, active and revitalized than their counterparts of the previous generation, giving rise to the dictum 60 is the new 40. This may be because of advancements in all fields of life, including medicine, that illnesses normally associated with the aging process are more being efficiently addressed, and that generally, due to our fast changing world, time goes by faster than the ageing process of man. People age as they add on years but not so much in appearance and thought perceptions. The thoughts, emotions, behavior of a 60 year old are not much different when he was just 40.

Seniors can take on plenty of retirement jobs depending on their own specialization and preferences. There are plenty of employment and manpower services whose jobs are to find employees for the business enterprises where they have tie-ups. The business companies are spared from the hustle and effort of screening and checking the personal background of the workers, as these are done by the employment agencies, and in most instances, also the needed training and orientation for present job requirements. Available retirement jobs can reign from the simplest to the more complex, and the seniors are limited only by their own fields of specialization. Check out manpower sites for further reference.

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retirement jobs

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Best Forex Secret Trading Tips

Today, when the whole world is trying to recover from the ill effects of recession, common man is the worst sufferer. At this adverse situation, even the hope to earn a good amount of money through excellent paying job is like a day dream. So what is the alternative to earn in this harder time?

There are many answers to the above question but the best one is undoubtedly earning through forex secret trading. It refers to the secrets to do well in the Foreign Exchange Stock Market trading (FOREX).In simpler words, it means knowledge about the transactions related to buying and selling of currencies that can yield great returns in the form of profits.


Though it looks quite similar, but still there are some points to be kept in mind to make money through this type of business. To begin with, it is important to have complete and updated knowledge of the market. In addition, the person must also have the good knowledge of forex trading.

For gaining knowledge of forex trading, the person can take the help of various e-books available over the Internet as well as buying the books through the nearby book store. With other things, it is also important to have the knowledge of some good forex software that can do wonders for the person. However, it is again essential to go only through the genuine software as otherwise it can result to unwanted loss and troubles after wards.

For making good money out of forex secret trading, it is also important to keep an eye on the market situation, changing trends, interest and above all capital management.

With this crucial information, the chances are more that a person can earn a good amount of money through this type of trading in spite of adverse economy conditions.

Deeper Understanding Of The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (Gina)}

Deeper Understanding of The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA)


kate smith

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) is an important, recent legislation passed by the American Congress. Having come into effect from mid-2008; GINA is closely tied to, and is, in fact enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). GINA applies to organizations that employ 15 or more employees and labor organizations, employment agencies, and training programs, but exempts disability, long-term care, and life insurance providers.

As the title of this Act suggests, GINA prohibits using genetics as a basis for making decisions relating to employment. At its core, GINA seeks to protect individuals from discrimination based on genetic information. Genetic information can be any of these:

oMedical information about a person

oMedical history of the persons family

oRequiring or requesting an employee or her family members to take a genetic test

oResults of tests relating to the persons genetics, which includes the tests carried out on the persons family members, as well as tests carried out in the fetus or embryo of the individual or any of her family members

oTaking part in genetic services, counseling, or research

oMaking changes into premium plans based on genetic information.

Covers more areas of employment-related issues


The original intent of GINA was to ban discrimination in the insurance coverage area using genetics as a parameter. It gradually got extended to the health areas of employment, to those concerning collecting medical information about employees for wellness and other health related issues. Today, some of the genetic aspects of an employee that GINA prohibits include:

oCompensation and related aspects of employment



oMembership with any part of the organization

oPerks and other privileges or opportunities related to employment


GINA is thus a serious piece of legislation that needs to be complied with fully. It has its own exceptions, and many other aspects of this legislation are to be followed strictly. Employers who are required to implement the provisions set out in GINA need to have a clear and unambiguous understanding of how to apply the provisions as they relate to them.

Full learning on all aspects of GINA implementation

This learning will be imparted at a webinar that TrainHR, a leading provider of professional trainings for the human resources industry, will be organizing.

The speaker at this webinar is Michael D. Haberman, who is a consultant, speaker, writer and teacher. He is co-founder of Omega HR Solutions, Inc. a consulting and services company that offers complete human resources solutions. To learn more about how to apply GINA at work, please register for this webinar by visiting

Viewing this webinar, its entirety qualifies for a recertification credit hour that may be counted toward SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP recertification from SHRM.

Credit is awarded based on the actual educational time spent in the program.

This activity has been approved for 1 HR (General) recertification credit hours toward aPHR, PHR, PHRca, SPHR, GPHR, PHRi and SPHRi recertification through HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

GINA as it applies in day-to-day work

Michael will unravel the intricacies of this legislation. He will explain how to apply the provisions of GINA in an organizations day-to-day work. Given that even noting an employees walking habits for some disease is proscribed by GINA; this places an additional burden on employers, who have to be careful when it comes to interacting with employees, physicians and insurance providers. Michael will explain all these aspects of GINA at this webinar.

HR professionals, office managers and owners of small businesses that come under the provisions of GINA will benefit immensely from this course, at which Michael will cover the following areas:

oWhat Entities are covered?

oWhat Employees are covered?

oThe Definition of genetic information

oHow you can be exposed to genetic information

oThe Prohibitions of using genetic information

oPaperwork and notification requirements


TrainHR is a comprehensive Human Resources training solutions provider. In offering trainings that are valuable, yet cost effective, TrainHR is the ideal medium for Human Resources professionals.

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What Is Responsive Web Design &Amp; Why To Go For It?

What is responsive web design & why to go for it?


Samuel White

In recent years, the number of internet users using their smart phone devices to surf the internet has raised exponentially. Moreover, evolution in various devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc. has made it difficult for website designers to design a website which runs smoothly on all the devices.

In such a scenario, it has become quite challenging for website designers to design and manage websites for various devices. Recent evolution in the website design industry namely Responsive website design can help you get rid of designing different website for different devices.

So, what is Responsive web design ?

Well, responsive website design is nothing but an approach adopted by designers to design a website in such way that offers an optimal viewing experience to end users. Optimal viewing experience means the design will offer ease of reading and navigation within the site with minimal scrolling and resizing in a wide range of devices starting from laptop, desktop, mobile phones, tablets etc.


It basically uses CSS to provide an optimal viewing experience to end users. This approach offers immense benefits to designers as well as end users. I have listed out a few of them which makes designers as well as business owners go for it.

Designers need to design only a single website which can be accessed by various devices starting from desktop to tablets.

From the website owner s point of view, it will help you save on costs which you spend while creating different versions of your website.This will reduce overall development cost and you can utilize this money for the growth of your business.

There is no requirement to spend a lot of time managing the contents within the site, so it will save your time too. With this kind of design approach now you need to use only one CMS for all the devices, anything you change or add as content within the site will be displayed appropriately in all the devices.

Enrich user experience! With optimal viewing experience, it will enhance user experience of your site and at the end helps to improve the conversion rate of your site.

Drastically enhance the performance of your site SEO as your traffic won t divide. In the end it will boost up your website rank in search engine optimization.

Helps you get rid of developing different applications for different mobile operating system.

There is no need to establish a link building strategy for different site.

Hence we have seen how the responsive web design benefits designers as well as business owners which definitely should be a good reason to go for it.

In current times, the trend is of responsive website design and development. These days, a major designer and developer prefer developing responsive web design and it is widely seen in most of web applications. Various responsive web design services are offered by Spinx A renowned

Web Design Company


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The Story Of The First Internet Worm

Submitted by: Marc Menninger

Robert Tappan Morris was the first person convicted by a jury under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986. The story of the worm he created and what happened to him after it was released is a tale of mistakes, infamy, and ultimately the financial and professional success of its author.

Morris was a 23-year-old graduate student at Cornell University in 1988 when he wrote the first Internet worm in 99 lines of C code. According to him, his worm was an experiment to gain access to as many machines as possible. Morris designed the worm to detect the existence of other copies of itself on infected machines and not reinfect those machines. Although he didn’t appear to create the worm to be malicious by destroying files or damaging systems, according to comments in his source code he did design it to “break-in” to systems and “steal” passwords. Morris’ worm worked by exploiting holes in the debug mode of the Unix


program and in the finger daemon




On November 2, 1988, Morris released his worm from MIT to disguise the fact that the author was a Cornell student. Unfortunately for Morris, his worm had a bug and the part that was supposed to not reinfect machines that already harbored the worm didn t work. So systems quickly became infested with dozens of copies of the worm, each trying to break into accounts and replicate more worms. With no free processor cycles, infected systems soon crashed or became completely unresponsive. Rebooting infected systems didn t help. Killing the worm processes by hand was futile because they just kept multiplying. The only solution was to disconnect the systems from the Internet and try to figure out how the worm worked.

Programmers at the University of Berkeley, MIT, and Purdue were actively disassembling copies of the worm. Meanwhile, once he realized the worm was out of control, Morris enlisted the help of a friend at Harvard to stop the contagion. Within a day, the Berkeley and Purdue teams had developed and distributed procedures to slow down the spread of the worm. Also, Morris and his friend sent an anonymous message from Harvard describing how to kill the worm and patch vulnerable systems. Of course, few were able to get the information from either the universities or Morris because they were disconnected from the Internet.

Eventually the word got out and the systems came back online. Within a few days things were mostly back to normal. It is estimated that the Morris worm infected more than 6,000 computers, which in 1988 represented one-tenth of the Internet. Although none of the infected systems were actually damaged and no data was lost, the costs in system downtime and man-hours were estimated at $15 million. Victims of the worm included computers at NASA, some military facilities, several major universities, and medical research facilities.

Writing a buggy worm and releasing it was Morris’ second mistake. His first mistake was talking about his worm for months before he released it. The police found him without much effort, especially after he was named in the New York Times as the author.

The fact that his worm had gained unauthorized access to computers of “federal interest” sealed his fate, and in 1990 he was convicted of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (Title 18). He was sentenced to three years probation, 400 hours of community service, a fine of $10,500, and the costs of his supervision. Ironically, Morris’ father, Robert Morris Sr., was a computer security expert with the National Security Agency at the time.

As a direct result of the Morris worm, the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) was established by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in November 1988 to “prevent and respond to such incidents in the future”. The CERT/CC is now a major reporting center for Internet security problems.

After the incident, Morris was suspended from Cornell for acting irresponsibly according to a university board of inquiry. Later, Morris would obtain his Ph.D. from Harvard University for his work on modeling and controlling networks with large numbers of competing connections.

In 1995, Morris co-founded a startup called Viaweb with fellow Harvard Ph.D. Paul Graham. Viaweb was a web-based program that allowed users to build stores online. Interestingly, they wrote their code primarily in Lisp, an artificial intelligence language most commonly used at universities. Viaweb was a success, and in 1998, ten years after Morris released his infamous worm, Viaweb was bought by Yahoo! for $49 million. You can still see the application Morris and Graham developed in action as Yahoo! Shopping.

Robert Morris is currently an assistant professor at MIT (apparently they forgave him for launching his worm from their network) and a member of their Laboratory of Computer Science in the Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems group. He teaches a course on Operating System Engineering and has published numerous papers on advanced concepts in computer networking.

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Accounting Term Paper

Accounting Term Paper


Charles Miller

Writing of accounting papers has become of the major problems which students encounter. This is due to the requirements which the student should meet before writing them. Calculations involved when writing accounting papers requires the student to have better knowledge about them and also have experience in writing academic papers. Time limit is another issue which makes the process of writing accounting papers to be difficult to students. To tackle the problem of writing quality accounting papers and other academic papers students have turned to online essay writing companies. There are a lot of essay writing services which provide students with quality accounting papers and other essays. The greed of making quick profits has made some essay writing companies to provide students with papers which are of low quality. This is because they have substandard services and thus their papers will not enable you to earn better grades in your exams.


Students should ensure that they have a place which is reliable with their academic essay services. Although most of online companies are after making profits from cheap services, our essay writing company and some other few are in the industry to assist students with essay writing services. We have essay writers who have experience of writing accounting papers such as custom accounting essays, accounting research papers, accounting thesis, accounting case studies, and accounting term papers among other accounting papers. We have a large number of qualified staff who is available and they are committed with their work. Our essay writing company is the only essay writing company which can provide you with quality accounting papers at an affordable rate. We train our essay writers on various essay writing styles and thus we guarantee our customers quality accounting papers which are written by experts.

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Why should you buy your accounting papers or any essays which are part of your academic coursework from our essay writing company? Students who are not wise go for cheap essay writing services. It is clear that price goes with quality. There is no single place where you can get quality services at a cheap price and that is why most students who purchase cheap accounting papers end up getting failing grades. For the period which we have been in the writing industry, we have essay writers who will provide you with quality accounting papers. Our accounting essay services are quality because we employ essay writers who have knowledge about accounting field. If you want to succeed in your exams and achieve your academic goals, contact our essay writing company which will provide you with professional services.

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Bistro Md Vs. Nutrisystem The Story Of Healthy Food Delivery Services

By Jason Main

The majority of the citizens of the USA belong in the middle class, which means that we more or less have to spend all of our time earning a living. This also means that we do not have that much left for any other activity, let alone doing special shopping and cooking. Lucky for us, healthy food delivery services were invented. These are companies that employ doctors and chefs to make healthy food, portion them accordingly, and then deliver it right to our front door. All we need to do is reheat them and have healthy food for every meal of the day.

Bistro MD

Bistro MD is one of the most availed of and result-producing healthy food delivery services in the market today. It has received many commendations for the variety and taste of their meals and of course the effect of the meal plan. They guarantee palatability by employing top chefs to prepare their food. They also ensure healthiness by having doctors plan menus and inspect outgoing shipments. Food is delivered frozen. One only has to pick up the phone or go to their website to avail of this service. There are four meal plans offered:

–7 days with three meals and two snacks


–7 days with three meals

–5 days with three meals and two snacks

–5 days with three meals

Nutrisystem Food

Nutrisystem is hailed by diet review sites as the number one diet. There are 120 entrees and desserts to choose from. Customers can even customize their meals. Its meal plans are very specific. With the fact that women and men lose weight differently in mind, this service has devised specific plans for each. They also have the Nutrisystem Advanced Program which offers several specialized meal plans for men, women, older mean, older women, diabetics, and vegetarians and are guaranteed to be good for the heart. The meals are delivered ready-to-eat.

The Difference: Bistro MD vs. Nutrisystem

While Bistro MD offers great meal plans, they did not take into account the difference in men and women’s weight loss processes. Diets that are more specific to one’s need are more effective than a generic one. Also, Nutrisystem meals do not need to be thawed so more time is saved. Substitution is allergic to a certain kind of food, he can ask for it to be banned from his meals.

The Better Service: Bistro MD vs. Nutrisystem

Even though Bistro MD meals are some of the most delicious diet food out there, their meal plans are not very specific. This may have an effect on the total weight losing. Nutrisystem specified all of its meal plans so customers can just click and subscribe without having to spend valuable time talking to customer service and substituting things to fit their need. In this Bistro MD vs. Nutrisystem match, Nutrisystem clearly wins. Not only does it offer people the best choices, it is also the most affordable at $7 a day and free meals promos.

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Bistro MD vs. Nutrisystem

, visit

Bistro MD Reviews



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Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Submitted by: J. Briere

If you have ever watched the show “Cops”, or any other police reality show for that matter, then you ve seen the line: All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. While this may be true, the time before a suspect actually reaches a court room could be days, weeks, months, and in the some extreme cases up to a year or more. In some cases this could make for tragic consequences for those who are innocent. There are ways to circumvent sitting in a cell waiting for a trial date to come. One particular way to do this is by posting bail or enlisting the help of a bail bondsman. These are more favorable options than busting out of prison, a la “Shawkshank Redemption”, or waiting for the real criminal to be caught, if the suspect actually is innocent.

If making bail is not an option because the total amount is too high then enlisting the help of a bail bondsman can mean the difference between sitting in county lock up and sitting in your living room watching your favorite Friday night reality show. This is known as a surety bond. When a bail bondsman agrees to post bail the defendant is required to produce 10% of the total amount of bail through the use of a cosigner. By accepting aid from a bail bondsman one is essentially entering into an agreement with the bail bondsman, the courts, and the cosigner that he or she is promising to appear in court on the appointed day.


While some people may use this second chance at freedom as an opportunity to skip town and leave their worries behind others can use this as a chance to prove that they are innocent. If someone does skip town while on bail the consequences are only negative. Not only is the person that cosigned out the money they have invested in getting the defendant out but the case of the defendant is only worsened by additional charges. This only furthers the fact that the defendant is guilty of whatever crime he or she is being charged for. On the other hand if a person posts bail, whether it is through a bail bondsman or not, and appears for the appointed court date it could have a positive effect on how the court views the defendant, since obviously an innocent person would not run. A well trained bail bonds also has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the court system and can facilitate aid and assistance to those awaiting trial.

Of course going through a bail bondsman is not always a necessary option. The courts may in fact allow for defendants to post bail in other ways. If a person is a low flight risk they may issue a citation release, or cite out, in which the arresting officer issues a citation informing the defendant that they are to show up on an appointed date. Other forms of bail include recognizance, property bond, or an immigration bond if the defendant is an illegal immigrant.

About the Author: If you’re looking for a bail bond company in Colorado, visit the

All Day All Night Bail Bonds

website to learn more about the process and

how they can help



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Window And Roller Shades Get Even Better

Window and roller shades get even better


Allan Michael Taylor

Drapes have been the most preferred type of window covering among homemakers for years. Lately, window shades have come abreast with curtains in popularity. The availability of more designs of shades to choose from has enabled the consumers not only to be more imaginative in home decoration but likewise to make functional choices as well.

Window shades come as an ideal choice for the homemakers who like some privacy and at the same time some convenient ways to allow sunlight in when desired or needed. Light control is likewise easy with many fabrics of choice from sheer material to room-darkening opaque fabrics.

Aside from this versatility, these window coverings, particularly the roller shades, provide the homemaker with the perfect solution to seeking ways to provide some character to the various rooms in a household . The many materials from which window shades are made of also ensure that these coverings will easily match any d cor in the home.


Roller shades are also very suitable to any size or shape of window. These shades can be custom-made to fit a specific window design, and help brighten up the room’s interior design. There is a wide array of decorative trims and hems to choose from in designs of window shades, making them decorative and charming accents to home interiors d cor. In addition, there is a wide price range for window shades designs, allowing homemakers to choose those that fit their budget.

There are recent innovations in roller shades which have become a hit among the discriminating homemakers . These new designs are the cordless roller shades. These window coverings are very sleek because their slats can go up and down evenly. Being cordless, these roller shades are child-proof, as there are no cords dangling around that an innocent kid could toy with which could lead to tragic results.

The cordless window shades also provide better accent to the workmanship and pattern of the covering. There are no distracting cords dangling about to mar the shades’ design, contributing to their elegance. The system that enables the cordless roller shades is easy to use. In some models, a finger-operated tab is worked up and down and the shades already follow. This is definitely more convenient than grabbing a cord and fumbling with the right length by which to level the shades.

An even more advanced cordless window shades designs are those which are automated or motorized. The need for cords is eliminated by using motors which can be controlled through a keypad or a wall switch. Personal computer or remote control is also sometimes included in the mechanism which comes as convenience for lowering and raising roller shades in high skylights or inaccessible windows.

Jennie Keithson is a decorative type, a designer who loves to write and is a trained home and office planner, who discusses

vertical blinds

, with all of her

window blinds

clientele. Check out her online shop for more info.

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The Most Eloquent Speech I Ever Heard

This is Our Finest Hour? I Have a Dream? No, nothing like that. This is a speech of 2 words I heard the other day.I was in a hospital getting a chest x-ray, a prerequisite for surgery on my broken ankle. Its been two weeks since it happened, two weeks full of pain, change, and coping. Ive described how it happened, learned how to get around the house on crutches, visited doctors and labs, waited on x-rays, and asked neighbors to get the mail and groceries. Ive also been put through the pre-op battery of tests blood tests, EKGs, chest x-rays, and discussions with my doctor, who felt the best approach was surgery.In my EQ Alive! program, which trains and certifies EQ coaches, Ive participated in the weekly EQ Check In along with the students. We tell each other how we feel physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. We begin each teleclass that way, and listen closely to the answers. EQ competencies include emotional expression, and also Integrated Self, being in touch with all aspects of yourself. Most of all it means not engaging in the meaningless, How are you? Fine.In a shutdown and coping mode, I thought I was being realistic about how I was feeling. I said I was in pain. I said I was physically slow and the painkillers had dulled me mentally, and that spiritually things were the same as ever. What more was there to say? I never gave it a thought. So there I was in the hospital. Id been sent to the wrong place and walked about a mile on the crutches to find that out. I was accepted, however, thanks to the work of a nurse named Lupe with very high EQ who just pushed the order on through. And then, mercifully finally in a wheelchair, Id been wheeled to the x-ray waiting area and left in the hall. As I sat there, a woman on a stretcher was wheeled up. I could tell she was sick. Her hair hadnt been washed in a while and she had a nose tube for oxygen, and a tube in her arm. Her color didnt look good and she barely moved. She reminded me of my dad the last time I saw him in the hospital. She was accompanied by two women. The first one went over to sign papers, and the other one walked off down the hall.A technologist walked out toward the woman on the stretcher when I heard the speech that touched me so. I think she thought he was coming to take her into the x-ray room.Im afraid! she cried out.God love her, I thought. So am I! I tried to get out of my chair and go to her, but the technologist beat me to her. Speaking to her in her native tongue, Spanish, he rushed to her side, took her hand and started soothing her. Abuelita, he called her, little grandmother, a term of endearment. A nurse brought out a screen to give her privacy and she quieted. She quieted and I thought: Why is it so hard to get to Im afraid? Of course Id been afraid the whole time, from the moment I heard the bones turn in my ankle. I started repeating, Please dont let it be broken, please dont let it be broken. There was no way to tell, and I was left with pain and fear. Was it broken? Is this because my bones are getting old and this is just the beginning? Will this mean arthritis pain for the rest of my life? Will the insurance cover it? What on earth is my deductible? How can I ever manage this at home alone? Will it need surgery? General anesthesia? Will I survive it? Will they have to rebreak it like one neighbor says, and put in 6 screws like the other one says? What will happen? I shut all these things down and used words like tired and in pain, but at the core, yes, I was afraid. Fear of the unknown, and fear of being helpless and dependent.I was also afraid of the fantasized reactions of others, having come from a family of shame and blame. I think nothing will ever happen to me that I wont feel like I caused it and was a bad girl because of that. Words from an overwhelmed, shame-and-blame mother who saw everything as simply more work for her. Whatever caused the ankle to break, I shouldve known better, I shouldnt have done it, I shouldnt have been there, and I should never have let it happen as if I were omniscient and omnipotent. That means all-knowing and in control of everything in the world. It was family that taught intellectual words, not feelings. Old childhood fears. In line with, Whatever it is you fear has already happened.And at that particular moment in the hospital corridor, well you never know what will turn up on any chest x-ray, no matter why its required. Nor had the results of the EKG come in yet. What if I went in with a broken ankle and came out with a bypass? Or worse yet, out the back door on a stretcher. Its been known to happen. As J. Powell says in Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am? emotions are not moral (good or bad). Feeling frustrated, or being annoyed, or experiencing fears and anger do not make one a good or bad person [a weak or strong person.] But this is theory. In our day-to-day lives most of us blame ourselves for our feelings. And if we judge them to be bad, or unacceptable to us in some way, we bury them.So there I sat in my wheelchair, silent and alone. And there was Abuelita, expressing her fear and getting comforted. Its an old lesson: People care. If we say were afraid we can be comforted. If we dont, we cant. All studies show that people do best who have a strong social support network, and if you dont say WHO you are and HOW you are, you arent getting the connection that sustains you. You remain alone in the presence of others, which is the loneliest youll ever be.And let me close with the words of the technologist who finally did my x-ray. Dianna was her name. She read the name of my company, Emotionally Intelligent Solutions, on the chart. Whats that, she said, Is that like Im to the point where I cant stand any of my co-workers any more and I think theyre dumb and ignorant and feel like Im about to explode,Yes, EQ is about that, too!The woman works two 16-hour days, physical and demanding (how on earth do you do that?) and has three children at home. I gave her my card. I hope shell call me. It may not be her co-workers that are the problem.And thats the power of Emotional Intelligence. If you are the problem, you are also the solution, and Emotional Intelligence is the bridge between the two.