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Great-looking Bathrooms with Promo Codes


David Stack

My husband and I just moved in to our new home in Louisiana, which I think is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen here in the U.S. We got this charming three-story house which is just perfect for our family of six. The property is one of the oldest houses in our area but it was very well maintained by its previous owners. We only did minimal repairs, mostly with the heating and ventilation. What we are working on right now is the redecoration of some parts of house. Aside from new paint jobs, we have to add various accessories, decorations, and home furnishings to update the look of our new house. We found ourselves redecorating all the bathrooms, especially the one in the master bedroom.


I’m very particular about the look and cleanliness of my bathrooms. For me, a dirty bathroom with moldy tiles is gross beyond belief. I also make sure that the bathroom looks as good as the rest of the rooms in the house. I love buying furniture and accessories for bathrooms, so you can imagine the fun I had while redecorating our new home’s bathrooms. So I went shopping online for accessories like shower curtains, hooks, rods and towels, along with some furniture. I did not bother going around the shops in the area because it’s too time-consuming and I can’t leave my kids alone in the house.

Of course, all this shopping made a considerable dent in my budget, but I was able to get pretty much everything I needed by making use of coupon codes in my purchases. The coupon codes I used were so great I was able to have big savings on some of the best deals in my online shopping.

Some of our bathrooms are small, so I bought some space-saving cabinets which I can install on the wall above the toilet. These cabinets are a very useful because they utilize the space above the toilet and provide more storage space. This is a very helpful space-saving device especially for cramped rooms with hardly any spare space for storage. I also got different sets of shower curtains, with accompanying hooks and rods. I swear, the shower curtains that I got are so pretty they can even be used in the living room and bedrooms instead. Of course, the promotional codes were very handy when it came to paying for the shower curtains at the lowest price possible.

I also invested on several pieces of special bathroom furniture that look so good they do not look like bathroom furnishings at all. I got this very pretty bathroom vanity mirror which looks something out of Marie Antoinette’s bathroom in Versailles. It came at a hefty price but because I used the promo codes, I also got a hefty discount for it.

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