Spy Camera Spy Watch With Built In Dvr To Gather Video Proof

By Donald Carmin

A Spy Watch with built-in DVR is an amazing piece of equipment that puts a video camera, digital still camera, a microphone, and a DVR short for digital video recorder into a working men’s wristwatch. By packing together all these equipment into such a tiny space, this piece of equipment can be used by police force, private detectives, or people who have to accumulate video proof for one motive or another, however stay undercover and discreet.

This spy watch has a video resolution of 1280 x 960, and records at 30 frames per second (fps) providing high quality videos. It has 4 GB of internal memory and you won’t have to fumble with SD cards and should be enough for 20 hours of recording, however the rechargeable Li-ion battery will run out of power well before that is filled and lasts for 70 mins approximately. Despite the fact that the video is not HD quality, for what it is, it is extremely high quality and records video in full color, in particular once you decide to capture natural scenery in your videos. The color video recording is especially wonderful once you take pictures of flowers or vibrant items. If you hold the camera motionless, the photo and video images are clear, whereas if you move the camera while it’s filming, the images will be hazy. Even smaller movements cause disturbances.

This spy watch with a built-in DVR is user friendly and is easily operated by an individual who is wearing it on their wrist, and it can be used either hands. The pinhole spy cam peeks out of the figure 2 on the watch face. As soon as you wear it on your wrist, you can work normally and record images and videos as well. You have to take care you are pointing the face of the camera precisely at what you want to capture. You need to aim the face of the camera at what you desire to capture video footage, as they are being recorded. If the watch is pointing at the sky you will record images and videos of just that.


Perhaps it’s much easier to use if you are left-handed person, given that you can manage the control buttons with your left forefinger easily, or else you will need to come up across the top of the watch with your right hand, and bend your right forefinger on the top of the watch to get to that switch.

However, there are a few pros and cons, let’s go over them. At first the pros, it is user-friendly and simple to operate, records color video footage in AVI format discreetly as well as takes still pictures in JPG format, AVI and JPG format works easily on a computer, records audio with low or no background noise. The cons include, it won’t work on Mac PC, audio is affected by loud background sounds like music, traffic, breeze, and mobs and recording time limited by battery life (70 mins) and not the memory size which is enough for 20 hours recording.

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